Gentoo Linux is a special flavor of Linux that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need.
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General Gentoo user support and discussion mailing list 18278 131818
by Alan McKinnon-2
General Gentoo developer discussion mailing list 7593 60290
by Alan McKinnon-2
General Gentoo announcements list (new releases, security fixes) 1442 1449
by Sergey Popov
Discussion on science-related applications and integration in Gentoo 470 1859
by Jauhien Piatlicki-2
Release announcements for gentoo-sources, vesafb-tng, fbsplash and discussion 844 1106
by Vlastimil Babka-2
Mailing list devoted to Gentoo on the desktop 461 2029
by Сергей
For a security hardened version of Gentoo 950 4439
by Marcin Mirosław
Discussion about the Gentoo on Alternate Platforms Project 1234 7136
by Wolfram Kahl
For Gentoo Linux/embedded user and developer discussion 792 3839
by Simon Maurer
Discussions about running Gentoo on the MIPS architecture 53 294
by Michał Górny-5
Portage Internals and Portage Interface Development Discussion 674 3259
by Alexander Berntsen-2
Mailinglist dedicated to catalyst 438 2320
by Raúl Porcel
Discussion about the Gentoo Accessibility Project 105 290
by Keith Wessel-3
Lista de correo dedicada a la traduccion y creacion de documentacion en Espanol de Gentoo 205 465
by Chema Alonso-3
For Gentoo Linux/AMD64 user support and discussion 1586 11491
by Mark Knecht
Brazilian Gentoo User Mailing List 1258 8470
by Igor Miranda-3
Russian Gentoo User Mailing List 1142 7119
by Konstantin Astafjev
Czech and Slovak Gentoo User Mailing List 129 717
by yac
For the discussion of security issues and fixes 130 637
by eduardo lenz
deutschsprachige Gentoo User Diskussionsliste 2411 11767
by Randolph Maaßen
For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC user support and discussion 104 458
by Christian Groessler
Italian Gentoo Documentation Translation List 618 1908
by Lorenzo Andretta
For documentation contributions, suggestions, improvements and translations 350 1115
by David Abbott-2
Announcements and discussion among Gentoo mirror admins and developers regarding releases and other issues 188 521
by LeaseWeb - Mirror Ad...
For Gentoo Linux/Alpha user support and discussion 49 224
by Richard Henderson
Discussion about Java on Gentoo 527 1594
by Simon Maurer
Discussion on powersaving, pcmcia and other laptop-related stuff 176 583
by Iván Chavero
Discussions about Gentoo in production environments 492 2630
by Michael Orlitzky
Discussions about QA and its improvement within Gentoo 39 166
by Chris Reffett-3
Lista para la ayuda y discusion de usuarios hispano-hablantes de Gentoo 643 2985
by Facundo Curti
Mailinglist for the Gentoo release management team 64 372
by Mike Frysinger
Discussion about Gentoo Linux administration issues 33 102
by Lech Pańkowski
For Gentoo Linux/PowerPC developer discussion 17 48
by Christian Zigotzky
Discussions about Gentoo in clustered environments 100 516
by Franklin Wang
Discussion of perl on Gentoo 195 454
by Kent Fredric
Hungarian Gentoo User Mailing List 383 1819
by Szegedi György
Russian Gentoo Documentation Translation List 150 510
by John Mnemonic
Discussion about Gentoo/BSD 57 147
by Pasztor Tamas
Discussion of web configuration and administration related to Gentoo's web tools 81 135
Mailinglist for all Gentoo public-relation discussion 89 170
by Francisco Blas Izqui...
For Gentoo Linux/Sparc user support and discussion 153 497
by brm-3
German Gentoo Documentation Translation List 70 177
by Tobias Heinlein-3
French Gentoo User Mailing List 706 3628
by isAAAc - Krashtest K...
French Gentoo Documentation Translation List 356 488
by Simon Turner-4
For the discussion of libconf development 1 1
by bil65klo3
Polish Gentoo User Mailing List 81 274
by Krzysztof Pawlik-2
Indonesian Gentoo User Mailing List 415 497
by lun4
Gentoo Council mailing list 156 779
by Alex Legler-2
Discussions about running Gentoo on the HPPA architecture 22 59
by Mike Frysinger
Greek Gentoo Documentation Translation List 44 98
by Bugzilla from int.te...
Gentoo Developer Relations mailing list 24 69
by Mike Frysinger
Discussions about improving the performance of Gentoo 219 380
by J. Roeleveld
For discussion of document translation issues 3 4
by Sergio D. Rodríguez ...
Discussion about Gentoo for Xbox 12 27
by mcjung@samil.co.kr
Dedicated to the development of the new Gentoo website 13 104
by www-ql-request
Discussion about the Gentoo Linux Installer Project 45 145
by Bugzilla from mohame...
Korean Gentoo User Mailing List 8 25
by ed-639
Discussions about improving the Gentoo desktop experience 5 15
by InterSurge Support C...
Discussion about Gentoo media packages 7 10
by Dianna Whitt
Indonesian Gentoo Documentation Translation List 2 2
by Google AdWords Team
Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 79 79
by Anant Narayanan-4
Discussion about GNUstep on Gentoo 11 31
by Sourav K. Mandal
Polish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 66 66
by Michal Kurgan-4
For Gentoo cygwin user support and discussion 9 44
by Greg Ellis
Discussions about running Gentoo on the ARM architecture 5 6
by larsing
Finnish Gentoo Documentation Translation List 15 21
by Flammie Pirinen
Discussion of programming language support and related issues in Gentoo 1 5
by Luis Francisco Arauj...
German Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 42 42
by Tobias Matzat
Dutch Gentoo Documentation Translation List 7 17
by Emil Jacobs-2
For Gentoo OSX user and developer discussion 67 548
by Fabian Groffen-2
For Gentoo Linux/ia64 user support and discussion 2 7
by Davide Cittaro-2
Spanish Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 30 30
by Andrés Pereira
Announcements about the Tenshi project 1 1
by Andrea Barisani
Discussion about the Tenshi project 1 1
by Andrea Barisani
Dutch Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 2 2
by Senno During
Polish Gentoo Documentation Translation List 0 0 Empty