14 E3110 Cores Vs 28 Q6600 Cores

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14 E3110 Cores Vs 28 Q6600 Cores

Bugzilla from kyron@neuralbs.com
After I hit enter, I realized this one might get more millage on the
mailing list:

17:08 < kyron> Following yesterday's blowout, I'm asked to build up the
possibility of replacing the old cluster (machines are +5yo) with new
hardware. I'm hesitant between dual core
               Xeons E3110 and Quad Core Q6600 . The price difference
for a 7 node system is ~220$ more for the Q6600... So, would 14 Xeon
cores (qith SSE4.1) outweigh 28 Q6600 cores
               ...most of our computation is basic vectorial stuff
(k-means, k-nn, SVM...)

The "blowout" is what seems to be an extension that was under specs for
the load (~10.5Amp constant load)... some compelling pics:

Eric Thibodeau