A Nasty md/raid bug

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A Nasty md/raid bug

Halassy Zoltán

I read the article http://neil.brown.name/blog/20120615073245 , which
explains a nasty bug about raids, but i'm wondering if any of these code
was backported to gentoo-sources or hardened-sources.

 From the article:

"The bug was introduced by

commit c744a65c1e2d59acc54333ce8 md: don't set md arrays to readonly on

and fixed by

commit 30b8aa9172dfeaac6d77897c67ee9f9fc574cdbb md: fix possible
corruption of array metadata on shutdown.

These entered the upstream kernel for v3.4-rc1 and v3.4-rc5
respectively, so no main-line released kernel is vulnerable.

However the first patch was tagged "Cc: [hidden email]" as it
fixed a bug, and so it was added to some stable releases.

For v3.3.y the bug was introduced by commit ed1b69c5592d1 in v3.3.1 and
fixed by commit ff459d1ea87ea7 in v3.3.4, so v3.3.1, v3.3,2, and v3.3.3
are vulnerable.

For v3.2.y the bug was introduced by commit 6bd620a44f7fd in v3.2.14 and
fixed by commit 31097a1c490c in v3.2.17 so v3.2.14, v3.2.15. v3.2.16 are
all vulnerable.

The bug was not backported to any other kernel.org kernels. so only
those 6 are vulnerable. Some distributors may have picked up the patch
applied it to their own kernel so it is possible that other kernels are
vulnerable too."

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