[ANNOUNCE] cross-compiling now working for hppa

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[ANNOUNCE] cross-compiling now working for hppa

Guy Martin-2

Hi all,

Little announce for the guys non hanging all day long on IRC, crossdev is now working for hppa !

Be sure you have an up to date portage tree.

The fixed versions are the following :
 - glibc-2.3.6-r4
 - gcc-3.3.6 or gcc-4.1.1
 - any binutils

Make sure you have the exact same version on your hppa than your cross compiling box with gcc-config -l !
This is very important or you'll endup with broken binaries.

For the rest, the distcc doc is here :

And the cross-ompiling one here :

Some problems were already reported with gcc-4.1.1 on amd64 and hppa2.0 as the target.
If you have issues please report it or fill a bug.

Feel free to report that you are happy it's working as well :)

Enjoy !

Guy Martin
Gentoo Linux - HPPA port Lead
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