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Accessible remote desktop client?

Keith Wessel-3

I've recently been struck with the inclination to set up a Windows virtual
machine on my Linux box to serve as a secondary system if my work Windows
laptop isn't handy or is (hoping this doesn't happen) out of commission. But
hey, it _is_ Windows we're talking about.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any good accessible options for remote
desktop clients that will work with Orca.

If that can't be done, I can always get sighted assistance installing the
VM, then install Window-Eyes or Jaws and, assuming that Pulseaudio is doing
its thing through my inaccessible remote desktop client, should still be
able to fully use the system. But it'd be nice to be able to do the
installation and get to the point where I can install my Windows screen
reader, if that's even necessary.

If it makes a difference, I've decided to go with Virtualbox for my
virtualization platform. After past experience with Xen which is pretty
heavy weight and intrusive, Virtualbox has so far been refreshing to work
with in its lack of taking over the system and simplicity for setup. I only
hope I don't discover that this means poorer performance as a result. :)

Thanks for any wisdom,