Adding -q to brltty with systemd

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Adding -q to brltty with systemd

Keith Wessel-3

Hi, all,


Back in the OpenrC days, I added –q to my brltty start-up to suppress the various messages from brltty to the display, in particular the version number at start-up.


I tried doing this with Systemd today by creating /etc/system/system/brltty.service.d/quiet-start.conf. The file had only the service section and, in it, a copy of the ExecStart line from the service file under /usr/lib/system/system. Turns out silly Systemd interpreted that as two ExecStart lines which isn’t what I wanted and, of course, kept the service from starting.


I’d rather not modify the service file under /usr. It’ll only get clobbered with upgrades. Is there a brltty.conf setting that enables quiet mode? Or a different system service file keyword to tell it to use only my ExecStart command-line or to add additional options to the ExecStart line from the distributed config?


I figure I can ask on the brltty list on the system Gentoo forum, but I thought I’d start here.


Any help would be appreciated,