Agenda for the council meeting of 17 May 2010

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Agenda for the council meeting of 17 May 2010

Denis Dupeyron
This month's council meeting will take place on May 17th at 1800UTC
(i.e. 2100EEST, 2000CEST, 1400EDT, 1200MDT and 1100PDT). Here is the

1. Intro (5 minutes, including late arrivals)
 1.1. Make sure somebody is logging
 1.2. Roll call
 1.3  Who wants to chair?
 1.4. Last chance for remarks on the agenda

2. Review of GLEP 39 overhaul propositions (30 minutes)
The idea is not to give our personal opinion on all the propositions
(yet) but to decide which of those I have listed in my summaries
actually make sense. Also if I have forgotten some. The goal is to
leave me with enough material and your opinion so that I can write the
final propositions before we organize the first round of vote.
Topics (roughly 5 minutes each with 10 minutes of overall margin):
 2.1 Voting by email, proxies and slacker rule [1]
 2.2 Should the new text be a GLEP, or something else? How do we
update it in the future? [2]
 2.3 Do we want to make changes to the role of the council? [3]
 2.4 Does the council need a lead? [4]

3. Scheduling and voting issues (20 minutes)
Topics to discuss:
 - 1, 2 or even more rounds of vote?
 - Do we absolutely want to try and be done before the next election?
 - Tentative schedule
 - Do we vote as usual or on forums as suggested?
 - Anything else?

4. Conclusion (5 minutes)
 4.1 Action list. Who does what and when?
 4.2 Who takes care of the summary and log for this meeting? When?
 4.3 Next meeting date/time.
 4.4 Who will follow-up discussions and prepare the agenda for the
next meeting?

5. Open floor (ad libitum)