Announcing tenshi 0.4 - IMPORTANT: project URL change / ml change

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Announcing tenshi 0.4 - IMPORTANT: project URL change / ml change

Andrea Barisani


We are pleased to announce that tenshi 0.4 has been released, this is a
feature enhancement release.

We are also moving tenshi from being a Gentoo project to being hosted soley by
Inverse Path Ltd. This is not a political decision but rather a technical one,
Rob and I are currently doing development using the inversepath infrastructure
(along with other projects) and it makes no sense for us to be hosted by
Gentoo for the time being.

We would like to thank the Gentoo Infrastructure team and especially Kurt
Lieber for giving tenshi its initial home :).

Here are the updated URLs:

You can find the tarball at

The new project page is

The email contact is <[hidden email]>.

We are also moving the mailing list away, please resubscribe yourself to the
new list by sending a message to

<[hidden email]>


<[hidden email]>

Here's the Changelog:

- added include, includedir options for parsing external configuration files
- added multiple queues feature
- fixed missing USR1 signal handler
- added filetest pragma for proper perms check when using POSIX ACL
- added debian init file

Bye and thanks!

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