Build from source and Maven project model

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Build from source and Maven project model

Paweł Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz

I would like to use portage/ebuild as my base build system on internal
java projects, building from specific release commits. My first idea
was to create normal maven projects and use the new maven eclass.
Looking on maven ebuilds and trying to build some specific version of
maven (from a tag build) I found that maven model can disallow builds
from one single commit without central repository. A full explication
with a maven svn example is here:

This means for me, that translation POM->Ebuild is not a good choose.

I am looking for some project structure that could generate Ebuilds,
and also Maven OR Gradle specific configuration. Is there any know
solution for this on gentoo community???

Paweł Cesar Sanjuan Szklarz.