Clustering with LTSP Fat Clients as Torque Nodes

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Clustering with LTSP Fat Clients as Torque Nodes

Vinícius Ferrão-2
Hello Folks,

I was thinking about this scenario. It would be great to implement a TORQUE Cluster with nodes booting through LTSP in the Fat Client configuration.

It appears to be simple:

1. Set up Torque-Server in the server.
2. Emerge LTSP-Server.
3. Configure DHCP Server.
4. Create a simple NAT with iptables rules.
5. Build the Node Images with all necessary stuff: Torque Client, Compilers, Libraries and Scientific Software.
6. ???
7. Profit

The question is: someone should have wondered about this, but someone implemented this? This works? This appears to work?

A first problem at this pre-implementation point is the LTSP reliance in Server. Which is bloatware in a cluster node...

Thanks in advance,

Vinícius Ferrão: Administrador de Sistemas

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