Council meeting agenda for 19 Apr 2010

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Council meeting agenda for 19 Apr 2010

Ulrich Mueller-2
The April council meeting will be held on #gentoo-council
at 2010-04-19, 18:00 UTC.

Agenda is included below.


1. Intro (10 minutes, including late arrivals)
   1.1. Make sure that somebody is logging.
   1.2. Roll call
   1.3. Who wants to chair?
   1.4. Last chance for remarks on the agenda

2. Follow-ups from previous meeting (15 minutes)
   2.1. GLEP 39 update (calchan)
   2.2. Policy for changes in metadata.xml (scarabeus)

3. Vote on "doman -i18n" option for EAPI 4 (ulm, 10 minutes)
   It has been proposed [1] to slightly change behaviour of doman for
   EAPI 4, so that the -i18n option would take precedence over the
   filename language suffix.

4. Bugzilla policy (betelgeuse, 20 minutes)
   4.1. Keywording bugs with a single arch [2]
        Options to vote in order (with run-off vote if one option
        doesn't get absolute majority):
        After the maintainer has accepted that a package is good for
        stable (by being the assignee or reporter), the preferred way
        to assign the bug is:
        a) The single arch in question is the assignee (and the
           maintainer is CCed if necessary);
        b) the bug can be either assigned to the arch, or the arch can
           be CCed and the maintainer is the assignee; or
        c) the maintainer is the assignee and the arch is CCed.
   4.2. Bugzilla resolutions [3]
        Vote on:
        - Remove LATER and REMIND from resolutions.
        - Add LATER as a KEYWORD.
        - Add resolution OBSOLETE.

5. Conclusion (5 minutes)
   5.1. Action list. Who does what and when?
   5.2. Who takes care of the summary and log for this meeting? When?
   5.3. Next meeting date/time
   5.4. Who will follow-up discussions and prepare the agenda for the
        next meeting?

6. Open floor
   6.1. Website redesign [4]
   6.2. Centralize developer documentation [4]

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
[4] <>