Council meeting agenda for 9 Nov 2009

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Council meeting agenda for 9 Nov 2009

Ulrich Mueller-2
The November council meeting will be held on #gentoo-council
at 2009-11-09, 19:00 UTC (note change of time!).

Agenda is included below.


1. Intro (10 minutes, including late arrivals)
   1.1. Make sure that at least a couple people are logging the meeting.
   1.2. Roll call.
   1.3. Does everyone agree to extend today's meeting to 90 minutes?

2. Approve summary of October meeting (5 minutes)
   (in case it will be ready then)

3. Follow-ups from previous meeting (15 minutes)
   3.1. EAPI 3 status (zmedico, ulm)
   3.2. Upgrade path for old systems (leio, solar)
        Should important system packages (e.g. Python) be reverted to
        EAPI 0, in order to provide a defined upgrade path?

4. Prefix support in main Portage tree (grobian) (20 minutes)
   Fabian Groffen proposes that package managers should define the
   EPREFIX, EROOT, and ED variables (see [1] and replies).
   4.1. Does the council generally support this idea?
   4.2. Can it still be included in EAPI 3, or even in a fast EAPI 2.1?

5. Usage of bash 3.2 features in Portage tree (patrick) (15 minutes)
   Should usage of bash 3.2 features in the Portage tree be forbidden,
   allowed, or should the issue be ignored? See [2] for details.

6. Preservation of file modification times in EAPI 3 (ciaranm) (15 minutes)
   Agree upon a wording for PMS for the mtime modification change
   introduced to EAPI 3 last time.

7. AOB / open floor (10 minutes)