Firefox scrollbars missing thumb -- workaround that's pretty enough to use even without the bug

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Firefox scrollbars missing thumb -- workaround that's pretty enough to use even without the bug

This is primarily intended to be a helpful note to anyone dealing with
the problem where recent firefox, possibly only when built against gtk3,
loses its scrollbar "thumbs", a problem I was seeing here, with the
mozilla-built binary[1], but others may find it worthwhile, and
beautiful, as well.

A google suggests the problem is gtk-3.20-related, as one poster found
that downgrading to gtk-3.18.x returned his scrollbars.  However, I
wasn't particularly thrilled at the idea of downgrading so I continued

Fortunately there's a rather nice workaround in the form of the
"NewScrollbars (aka NoiaScrollbars)" extension.  Yes, that's the name,
including the aka in parentheses.

They're customizable color-gradient scrollbars that as one of the reviews
says, are "Way better looking than the default."  "Just classes up the
appearance of the page.  Great useful add on."

Even *more* "useful" and "great" when they avoid a bug in the default,
but now I'm glad I had the bug as I'd have been unlikely ever to find
them, otherwise, and they're both rather pretty and customizable enough
to work with my "reverse" color scheme with light on dark! =:^)

[1] Mozilla-built binary: Since IMO gentoo seems to be late with updates,
potentially fatally late, for what's likely the most exposed app on the
system, so now I get the builds direct from mozilla.  I do understand
that the gentoo maintainers have to make sure it actually builds on the
wide range of what gentoo users have installed and that's not always
exactly simple, but even when the update's available even just a week
after the upstream release, when that could well be five days vulnerable
to an active exploit, it counts!  So I'm not exactly happy with the idea,
but I'm grabbing the binary direct from mozilla now, and letting firefox
itself handle the updates.  At least that way I get them the day of
release or so, not generally days after release when I may be already
exploited if I'm waiting on gentoo.

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