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Jeff Donsbach
From the Red Hat list. Other people have volunteered to post info related to other OSs on Alpha (NT/Win2K and FreeBSD). Might be a good place to post Gentoo info for now.

Personally, I wish this Wiki was created on alphalinux.org since that site already exists, but it's a start anyway.

I think the Alpha user community is starting the dwindle enough in numbers that the major Linux distros (Gentoo, Debian, Fedora/CentOS) really should start think about helping each other out a little bit more than we currently do.

Jeff D

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Since all the cool kids have a Wiki these days ...


I'm throwing this out as a last piece of thanks to the Alpha crew. I haven't switched on my DS10 for months, ever since I picked up an awfully cheap 64-bit Sempron system which I'm utterly astounded with, performance-wise, considering how much I paid for it.

The big roaring blue box just doesn't have a place in my life right now. I guess I'm semi-retiring from Alpha development ... not that I've done much in the last year anyway; although I will keep the domain registered, and the sites up and hosted, by all means.

The Wiki at least is a good solution to keep me from being solely responsible for doing updates in a timely manner. :)

My initial goal is to pull most of the good stuff out of the spam-riddled Alpha Core Forums, and start from there. I'll put the entire thing under the GFDL so we can poach from Wikipedia's AXP info as a base, but we'll have the scope for things like giving each machine type its own article, which will never happen there.

This isn't intended as an Alpha Core specific thing, either. Other OS pages are quite welcome.

So, whether it lives and thrives, or just becomes another dusty and neglected site on the net, it's there. It's staying there. If anyone feels like playing, go for it.

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