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Jack Morgan
Forwarding to gentoo-sparc list, status as of 05/17/2015

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I wanted to send out an update on the Sparc arch team status. My overall
plan is to reduce the total number of keywords for sparc to a more
manageable level. I'd like to continue to have sparc be a stable arch
for gentoo for as long as it makes sense. I'm hoping to get some
feedback from the community as to what should be supported and what can
be reduced.

(1) Bugzilla
At the time of writing, here is the bug count for sparc. There is a good
amount of keywording to do here and I'll start working on these in a week.

sparc: total (172), keywordreq (67), stablereq(85)

(2) Installation (Wiki/Releng)
The documentation is up to date and accurate. Thanks doc team! I
recently did a fresh install so the current iso and stage3 work well.
The stage3 need to be updated because they include perl-18 instead of
perl-20. Otherwise, the install process is stable on my system.

(3) Infra
There is one developer machine[1] to use for keyword testing. Please
request access from the contact in you would like a shell account.

(4) Profiles

(a) systemd support
I tried for several days to get systemd working on sparc. systemd just
seg faulted on boot up. In fact, I had trouble getting udev to start. It
just produced an error "ignoring: Invalid argument error initializing
netlink socket" and didn't start. Since udev didn't start, i was not
able to log in nor ssh (no network interface found). I made the switch
to eudev and eudev started just fine. I'll file a couple of bugs in a
week and go from there. I'll work with the systemd team to resolve these

(b) gnome/kde desktop support
I'd like to propose dropping support for gnome/kde desktop if systemd
isn't supported on sparc. I'm note sure it makes sense long term nor
have developer resources to continue to keyword it. I have a couple of
desktop systems so can test easily but running xfce4 atm. I'm open to
others opinions.

(c) java support
The java team said they don't have cycles to support sparc. Support
would have to come from the sparc team or the community. Unless someone
steps up to help out with java, I'll propose to drop support on sparc.
Thanks to the java team for helping us know what needs to be done to
support java or not.

(5) anything else?
Is there anything I missed? Other sections of gentoo?



Jack Morgan
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