Gentoo Maven Integration - Weekly Report #3

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Gentoo Maven Integration - Weekly Report #3

Kasun Gajasinghe

The goal of this project is to be easily able to write ebuilds for
upstream projects that use Apache Maven as the build system. The Maven
integration allows to natively use Apache Maven in Java packages in
the main tree. The current system work around the support for Maven
projects by transforming them to Ant. It generates build.xml via “mvn
ant:ant” command and sanitizes that. This conversion too has some
problems and needs to fixed. With this project, developers gains the
ability to use native Maven support for writing ebuilds and will get
full support for using maven-to-ant feature.


Bumped/fixed/added following ebuilds:

plexus-velocity 1.1.8
plexus-io 1.0.1
plexus-archiver 1.2
fixed wagon-ftp, plexus-utils
maven-model to 2.2.1
stable plexus-container-default-1.0_alpha9-stable ebuild
plexus-container-default to 1.5.5

plexus-component-api is now merged to plexus-container-default. So, there is no need to DEPEND on plexus-component-api anymore if you are using plexus-container-default-1.5.5 ebuild.

Got the maven adding generated-sources via modello working. maven-model is one example that is based on gen-src.

Started writing documentation at wiki [1]

* Package maven-plugins and all it's 20+ projects together. Currently, there's no package structure for maven-plugins. So, have to make the project structure by adding modules under artifact maven-plugins-aggregator.
trunk/ contains the needed project structure but adding SNAPSHOTS is not really a good idea.
* Get the core maven components working. In other words get all the projects listed at [3] working. There's two phases: packaging the tarball. writing/bumping corresponding ebuilds.
* fix SRC_URIs of excalibur-* ebuilds. These are archived now, so the current SRC_URI doesn't work anymore.

These tasks may probably take more than a week!

Any suggestions are welcome!



Kasun Gajasinghe,
University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.