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Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 15 January 2007

Chris Gianelloni
Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of 15 January 2007.

1. Gentoo News

Maintainer needed for gentoo-sources-2.4

The Gentoo kernel team is looking for a maintainer for the 2.4 branch of the
gentoo-sources package. Maintaining a kernel is a big job. A maintainer
needs to have interest and energy, which probably indicates a genuine
requirement to run a 2.4-based kernel. Interested parties must be capable of
working on a team and keeping up with security issues in the kernel as they
arise. The kernel team is willing to mentor someone to take on this role,
provided the usual requirements for becoming a developer can be met.

If you are interested in maintaining this package, please contact the Gentoo
kernel team[1] for more information.

   1. [hidden email]

If a maintainer cannot be found for this package soon, it will be masked in
the tree pending removal due to lack of maintenance.

Simplified Chinese translation team seeking help

The Simplified Chinese translation team is seeking able-bodied individuals
to begin translations of the Gentoo documentation. Qualified candidates will
have good written English and Chinese skills. You can join the team on
#gentoo-cn on If you are interested in joining the team,
send an email to [hidden email].

Gentoo classes at MIT

Rajiv Aaron Manglani[2] is hosting two classes on Gentoo at MIT. The first
one starts at 6:00PM on 15 January and runs for two hours at MIT Building 4,
room 237. There is no attendance limit and no advanced sign up is required.
This class is an introduction to Gentoo Linux. The second class will be held
at 7:30PM and also runs for two hours on 25 January. It will be held at MIT
Building 56, room 114. This class is an advanced class on Gentoo and will
cover more advanced topics. There is no enrollment limit or advanced sign

   2. [hidden email]

If you plan on attending either session, please RSVP to
[hidden email]. For more information see

2. Heard in the community

The future of the bugday project.

The Bugday project is a fast growing project which helps users to get
involved with Gentoo by helping them learn how to fix bugs, helping each
other and having fun).

The Bugday team is currently going through a lot of changes which includes:

  * Bugday helpers.This is a new term which will allow users to help out
    with arranging Bugdays together with the team. They will receive a
    special Bugday helper cloak for their IRC account and should be
    available to help fellow users at Bugdays. The helpers will be the
    man-in-the-middle between the Bugday developers and users which will
    later on be the key players on moving the Bugday project to be
    completely user driven, except for the infrastructure hosting.
  * Social Bugdays The Bugday team are going to make some documents
    about how to start making Social Bugdays in your local Linux user group.
    The documents should describe briefly how to arrange the bugdays; what
    do you need to make sure you have and so on.

If you would like to contribute, join the team on IRC at #gentoo-bugs on


64bit PS3 stage4 released to Gentoo mirrors

This week Brent Baude[3] wrote about the work the PPC64 team is doing with
Gentoo on the Playstation 3. They have currently made a PS3-LiveCD useful
for testing Linux on your Playstation without performing an install. The
LiveCD is based on GNOME and also contains applications including but not
limited to Mozilla Firefox, Evolution, audacious, koffice, and IRC
applications. The team has also produced a Minimal InstallCD with support
for 64-bit userland and 32-bit userland stage4 installations. Both stages
run an 64-bit kernel. In and effort to reduce compilation time on the
Playstation, the team also has an extensive set of GRP repositories setup so
users can quickly install Gentoo on their Playstations. In addition, they
have 32-bit and 64-bit toolchains which the team hopes will mature to take
further advantage of the Cell processor.

   3. [hidden email]

In short, it's a viable desktop machine for email, browsing, music, office
work, and much more.

Also this week, the Linux Conf Australia[4] is being held at Sydney. Daniel
Ostrow[5] is attending for Gentoo, where he is going to highlight the PS3,
Gentoo, the LiveCD, and Gentoo stages.

   5. [hidden email]


3. Gentoo International

Belgium: Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting, Brussels

Like the last few years, Gentoo will be present at FOSDEM, which will be
February 24th and 25th at the ULB Campus Solbosh in Brussels. This year, an
even greater numbers of developers than ever before will be in attendance.
The following is the schedule for Gentoo's developer room:

Saturday's schedule:

Time:       Talk name:                                                                                             Presenter:
14:00–14:30 Welcome and introduction                                                                               Dimitry Bradt (diox)
14:30–16:00 Gentoo Hardened - the hardened toolchain and the security perspective of
the Gentoo Linux distribution Alexander Gabert (pappy-)
16:00–17:00 Introduction to SELinux                                                                                Bryan Østergaard (kloeri)
17:00–18:00 Gentoo/Alt:Prefix Project                                                                              Fabian Groffen (grobian)
18.00–18.45 General Discussion on Gentoo's future                                                                  All Developers

Sunday's schedule:

Time:       Talk name:                                        Presenter:
09:30–10.00 The future of the Bugday project                  Alexander Færøy (eroyf)
10.00–11.00 Programming with Paludis                          Danny van Dyk (Kugelfang)
11.00–12.00 Gentoo's inner working: The Council               Mike Frysinger (vapier)
12.00–13.00 Release Engineering: Tinderbox testing            Chris Gianelloni (wolf31o2)
13.00–14.00 Noon Break                                        (Closed door debate)
14.00–15.00 What makes Gentoo a community-based distribution? Christel Dahlskjaer (christel)
15.00–16.00 Portage                                           Marius Mauch (genone)
16.00–17.00 Gentoo/Java                                       Joshua Nichols (nichoj)

Not only will there be talks in the dev-room, but Gentoo will also be
available with a large group at the booth. That's right, prepare your
questions ;-).

For more information on FOSDEM, check their website[6].


Belgium: #Gentoo-nl LAN, Arendonk

Dutch Documentation Lead Dimitry Bradt[7] and other members of the Dutch
community organized a LAN party last weekend to celebrate the start of the
new year. Because the location itself was between Antwerpen and Eindhoven
(right at the border), a lot of people joined the Dutch conspiracy. At the
LAN they enjoyed Quake3, worms3d, and, weird enough, ksudoku. Aside from
that the attendees wrote an interface to control the sound system at the
venue, and, of course, drank a lot of Belgian beers.

   7. [hidden email]

Among the visitors, there was an international guest present, namely: Gentoo
developer Alexander Buisse[8]. His impressions after the event also agreed
that the Belgian beer was quite good.

   8. [hidden email]

You can find some pictures at the photo album[9].


4. Gentoo developer moves


The following developers recently left the Gentoo project:

  * none this week


The following developers recently joined the Gentoo project:

  * Robert Clark (hyakuhei) forensics team
  * Marijn Schouten (hkBst) scheme team


The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo project:

  * Dimitry Bradt (diox) Adopt-a-dev (userrel)
  * Dimitry Bradt (diox) GWN (PR)
  * Ioannis Aslanidis (deathwing00) Bugday

5. Gentoo security

SeaMonkey: Multiple vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities have been reported in the SeaMonkey project, some
of which may allow the remote execution of arbitrary code.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[10]


KDE kfile JPEG info plugin: Denial of Service

The KDE kfile JPEG info plugin of kdegraphics could enter an endless loop
leading to a Denial of Service.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[11]


w3m: Format string vulnerability

w3m does not correctly handle format string specifiers in SSL certificates.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[12]

  12. EMF/WMF file handling vulnerabilities

A truncation error and integer overflows in the EMF/WMF file handling of could be exploited to execute arbitrary code.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[13]


Opera: Two remote code execution vulnerabilities

Two vulnerabilities may allow the execution of arbitrary code.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[14]


6. Gentoo package moves

This section lists packages that have either been moved or added to the tree
and packages that have had their "last rites" announcement given to be
removed in the future. The package removals come from many locations,
including the Treecleaners[15] and various developers. Most packages which
are listed under the Last Rites section are in need of some love and care
and can remain in the tree if proper maintainership is established.



Package:                    Removal date: Contact:
www-apache/mod_csv          08 Jan 2007   Luca Longinotti[16]
media-video/vlms            08 Jan 2007   Matthias Schwarzott[17]
media-video/vls             08 Jan 2007   Matthias Schwarzott[17]
media-libs/libvideogfx      08 Jan 2007   Matthias Schwarzott[17]
media-video/sampeg3         08 Jan 2007   Matthias Schwarzott[17]
media-sound/snd-aoa         08 Jan 2007   Joseph Jezak[18]
x11-plugins/wmbatppc        08 Jan 2007   Joseph Jezak[18]
app-laptop/pmud             08 Jan 2007   Joseph Jezak[18]
dev-perl/Msql-Mysql-modules 09 Jan 2007   Michael Cummings[19]
dev-libs/slib               10 Jan 2007   Marijn Schouten[20]
dev-lang/gauche             10 Jan 2007   Marijn Schouten[20]
dev-util/guile              10 Jan 2007   Piotr Jaroszyński[21]
sys-apps/mysql              12 Jan 2007   Luca Longinotti[16]
dev-db/mysql-slotted        12 Jan 2007   Luca Longinotti[16]
dev-scheme/bigloo-lib       12 Jan 2007   Marijn Schouten[20]
app-admin/eselect-mysql     12 Jan 2007   Luca Longinotti[16]
mail-filter/libspf          13 Jan 2007   Andrej Kacian[22]

  16. [hidden email]
  17. [hidden email]
  18. [hidden email]
  19. [hidden email]
  20. [hidden email]
  21. [hidden email]
  22. [hidden email]


Package:                                Addition date: Contact:
games-board/grhino[23]                  08 Jan 2007    Alfredo Tupone[24]
www-client/seamonkey-bin[25]            08 Jan 2007    Raúl Porcel[26]
media-plugins/vdr-autotimeredit[27]     08 Jan 2007    Joerg Bornkessel[28]
net-libs/rb_libtorrent[29]              08 Jan 2007    Raúl Porcel[26]
net-p2p/qbittorrent[30]                 08 Jan 2007    Raúl Porcel[26]
media-plugins/vdr-dvdselect[31]         08 Jan 2007    Joerg Bornkessel[28]
media-plugins/vdr-freecell[32]          08 Jan 2007    Joerg Bornkessel[28]
net-analyzer/carl[33]                   09 Jan 2007    Raúl Porcel[26]
games-action/descent1-demodata[34]      09 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
games-action/d1x-rebirth[36]            09 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
games-action/descent2-data[37]          09 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
games-action/descent2-demodata[38]      09 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
games-action/d2x-rebirth[39]            09 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
mail-client/claws-mail-attachwarner[40] 09 Jan 2007    Andrej Kacian[22]
dev-scheme/slib[41]                     10 Jan 2007    Marijn Schouten[20]
dev-scheme/gauche[42]                   10 Jan 2007    Marijn Schouten[20]
games-fps/ut2004-action[43]             10 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
dev-scheme/guile[44]                    10 Jan 2007    Marijn Schouten[20]
x11-misc/slock[45]                      10 Jan 2007    Cédric Krier[46]
games-fps/ut2004-crossfire[47]          10 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
games-fps/ut2004-cor[48]                10 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[35]
dev-java/sun-jacc-api[49]               10 Jan 2007    Vlastimil Babka[50]
dev-scheme/tinyscheme[51]               11 Jan 2007    Marijn Schouten[20]
dev-java/emma[52]                       11 Jan 2007    Petteri Räty[53]
mail-filter/policyd[54]                 12 Jan 2007    Benjamin Smee[55]
games-puzzle/xlogical[56]               12 Jan 2007    Alfredo Tupone[24]
app-backup/mylvmbackup[57]              12 Jan 2007    Robin H. Johnson[58]
app-admin/consolehm[59]                 12 Jan 2007    Javier Villavicencio[60]
dev-db/mysql-init-scripts[61]           12 Jan 2007    Luca Longinotti[16]
dev-java/spice-jndikit[62]              12 Jan 2007    Petteri Räty[53]
net-libs/libnxml[63]                    13 Jan 2007    Robert Buchholz[64]
net-libs/libmrss[65]                    13 Jan 2007    Robert Buchholz[64]
app-misc/lcd-stuff[66]                  13 Jan 2007    Robert Buchholz[64]
app-misc/lsx[67]                        13 Jan 2007    Cédric Krier[46]
dev-java/jcharts[68]                    13 Jan 2007    Petteri Räty[53]
dev-python/flup[69]                     13 Jan 2007    Tiziano Müller[70]
games-puzzle/jools[71]                  14 Jan 2007    Alfredo Tupone[24]

  16. [hidden email]
  20. [hidden email]
  22. [hidden email]
  24. [hidden email]
  26. [hidden email]
  28. [hidden email]
  35. [hidden email]
  46. [hidden email]
  50. [hidden email]
  53. [hidden email]
  55. [hidden email]
  58. [hidden email]
  60. [hidden email]
  64. [hidden email]
  70. [hidden email]

Last Rites:

Package:                       Removal date: Contact:
net-wireless/rt2x00[72]        08 Feb 07     Roy Marples[73]
net-www/mod_fastcgi[74]        08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
net-www/mod_bwshare[76]        08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
www-apache/mod_depends[77]     08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
net-www/mod_injection[78]      08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
net-www/mod_random[79]         08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
net-www/mod_encoding[80]       08 Feb 07     Christian Heim[75]
x11-misc/gpasman[81]           08 Feb 07     Krzysiek Pawlik[82]
x11-misc/gtk2mp[83]            09 Feb 07     Andrej Kacian[22]
media-video/nvidia-freebsd[84] 09 Feb 07     Timothy Redaelli[85]
games-action/d1x[86]           09 Feb 07     Chris Gianelloni[35]
net-p2p/ww[87]                 10 Feb 07     Raúl Porcel[26]
media-libs/openquicktime[88]   10 Feb 07     Diego Pettenò[89]
net-www/bk_edit[90]            11 Feb 07     Christian Marie[91]
app-admin/livecd-ng[92]        12 Feb 07     Chris Gianelloni[35]
sys-apps/pcsc-ase-iiie-drv[93] 12 Feb 07     Alon Bar-Lev[94]
net-p2p/teknap[95]             12 Feb 07     Raúl Porcel[26]
www-misc/pglogd[96]            13 Feb 07     Luca Longinotti[16]
x11-apps/mkcfm[97]             13 Feb 07     Joshua Baergen[98]
net-im/centericq[99]           13 Feb 07     Olivier Crete[100]

  16. [hidden email]
  22. [hidden email]
  26. [hidden email]
  35. [hidden email]
  73. [hidden email]
  75. [hidden email]
  82. [hidden email]
  85. [hidden email]
  89. [hidden email]
  91. [hidden email]
  94. [hidden email]
  98. [hidden email]
 100. [hidden email]

7. Bugzilla


  * Statistics
  * Closed bug ranking
  * New bug rankings


The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ([101]) to record and
track bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the
development team. Between 07 January 2007 and 14 January 2007, activity on
the site has resulted in:


  * 727 new bugs during this period
  * 523 bugs closed or resolved during this period
  * 79 previously closed bugs were reopened this period
  * 180 bugs marked as duplicates during this period

Of the 10679 currently open bugs: 26 are labeled 'blocker', 94 are labeled
'critical', and 458 are labeled 'major'.

Closed bug rankings

The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period

  * Portage team[102], with 33 closed bugs[103]
  * Gentoo's Team for Core System packages[104], with 29 closed
  * Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team[106], with 26 closed bugs[107]
  * Gentoo Games[108], with 25 closed bugs[109]
  * Java team[110], with 18 closed bugs[111]
  * Gentoo net-p2p team[112], with 17 closed bugs[113]
  * Gentoo Sound Team[114], with 15 closed bugs[115]
  * Gentoo Security[116], with 14 closed bugs[117]

 102. [hidden email]
 104. [hidden email]
 106. [hidden email]
 108. [hidden email]
 110. [hidden email]
 112. [hidden email]
 114. [hidden email]
 116. [hidden email]

New bug rankings

The developers and teams who have been assigned the most new bugs during
this period are:

  * Default Assignee for New Packages[118], with 33 new bugs[119]
  * Default Assignee for Orphaned Packages[120], with 17 new bugs[121]
  * Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team[106], with 14 new bugs[122]
  * Hanno Boeck[123], with 12 new bugs[124]
  * Gentoo Games[108], with 12 new bugs[125]
  * Scheme Herd[126], with 10 new bugs[127]
  * Gentoo's Team for Core System packages[104], with 10 new bugs[128]
  * Gentoo Developer Relations Team[129], with 9 new bugs[130]

 104. [hidden email]
 106. [hidden email]
 108. [hidden email]
 118. [hidden email]
 120. [hidden email]
 123. [hidden email]
 126. [hidden email]
 129. [hidden email]

8. GWN feedback

The GWN is staffed by volunteers and members of the community who submit
ideas and articles. If you are interested in writing for the GWN, have
feedback on an article that we have posted, or just have an idea or article
that you would like to submit to the GWN, please send us your feedback[131]
and help make the GWN better.

 131. [hidden email]

9. GWN subscription information

To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email].

To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email] from the e-mail address you are subscribed

10. Other languages

The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages:

  * Chinese (Simplified)[132]
  * Danish[133]
  * Dutch[134]
  * English[135]
  * German[136]
  * Greek[137]
  * French[138]
  * Korean[139]
  * Japanese[140]
  * Italian[141]
  * Polish[142]
  * Portuguese (Brazil)[143]
  * Portuguese (Portugal)[144]
  * Russian[145]
  * Slovak[146]
  * Spanish[147]
  * Turkish[148]


Dimitry Bradt <[hidden email]> - Author
Chris Gianelloni <[hidden email]> - Editor

[hidden email] mailing list