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Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 19 March 2007

Chris Gianelloni
Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of 19 March 2007.

1. Gentoo News

Dell run a Linux Survey

On March 13th, Dell opened a survey for Linux users to gather information
about what users use Linux for to help them to prioritize their resources
towards supporting Linux on their computers.

The survey can be found online[1] and the GWN team urges you to specify
Gentoo as the distribution to prioritize on!


Important changes within the Java Project

A number of significant changes have happened within Gentoo's Java team.
First, Petteri Räty[2] was elected as the new Java Team Lead, taking over
from Josh Nichols[3]. The GWN staff would like to congratulate Petteri on
his new position, and give our thanks to Josh, who has done an excellent job
managing the Java Team for the past year. Josh will be remaining as the
Secondary Lead of the project and team.

   2. [hidden email]
   3. [hidden email]

The Java team have also announced some upcoming changes to the Java
Project's overlays. The changes will happen at 1200UTC on March the 24th,
2007. Generation 1, stale and unmaintained packages will be moved to the
"junkyard" - not to be used as an overlay. Maintained packages which are not
needed in the main tree will be moved into java-overlay, which will be made
readily available to users. Other packages, for example those which are
being developed on, will be moved into a java-experimental overlay.

To use the new overlay, layman users will need to run a few commands after
the changes have happened, commands are as follows:

| Code Listing 1.1                                                          |
| Changes for layman users                                                  |
| # layman -d java-experimental                                             |
| # layman -d java-migration-packages                                       |
| # layman -a java-overlay                                                  |

Mozilla Firefox 1.5.x to be removed

As the Mozilla Firefox 2.0 series is now stable on all architectures, the
Mozilla team has announced that the Mozilla Firefox 1.5 series will be
removed from the tree. It will be masked on April 1st 2007, and removed from
the tree two weeks after masking, on the 15th of April, 2007.

2. Developer of the week

"/welp hugs everybody" -Peter Weller, aka welp

Figure 2.1: Peter Weller, aka welp

This week's developer of the week is 16 year old Peter Weller, known as
welp. He was born in Rhode Island, US, but at the age of 4 moved with his
parents to the UK. He lives in Ipswich, UK with his parents and younger
brother - an avid WOW player. Peter has a pet budgie (parakeet) named Saffy
and also has ducks and chickens. He has a half brother who lives in France
and a half sister who lives in the US.

Peter is still in high school, but already knows that he wants a break from
education and plans on traveling after school. He is interested in visiting
the US, to include his birthplace of Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Oregon.
Down the line he considers a career as an ethical hacking consultant.

Peter likes to spend most of his free time on IRC but has a variety of other
interests. His favorite sports are skiing and sailing; he's been racing in
regattas for over three years now. He loves books by Tom Sharpe and says
that readers tend to find his work either extremely offensive or
outrageously funny. And a lesser known fact about Peter is that he plays the
didgeridoo, an Australian wind instrument.

Peter was first introduced to Linux (Fedora Core 4) during an web design
internship about 21 months ago. He found that though FC4 worked, he really
wasn't learning HOW it worked. He loves Gentoo because he has to know how it
works for it to work. He admits that if he doesn't know the ins and outs of
something, he tends not to like it. Peter decided that he wanted to be a
documentation developer for AMD64 so set out to learn GuideXML. The AMD64
team took advantage of Peter quickly, roping him into architecture testing
as well. Peter credits several people for mentoring him, to include blubb
and jokey. He currently works with AMD64, Sunrise, Bugday, Gentoo/FreeBSD,
net-IRC, Xfce, www-servers, and the GWN.

As for welp's personal computers, he has a x86 laptop that dual boots Gentoo
Linux and Gentoo/FBSD, a x86 desktop running Gentoo/FBSD, an AMD64 running
Gentoo Linux, and a Gentoo vserver in Dusseldorf. Welp's preferred
applications are Xfce, a terminal, an SSH session to his vserver to connect
to IRC, followed up by gajim, firefox, and claws-mail.

3. Gentoo International

Czech Gentoo Metting

A visit to Prague by Wernfried Haas[4] gave a nice reason for getting
together. Following a mail[5] by the resident developer Jan Kundrát[6] to
the Czech mailing list, a couple of users showed up too. In the old
tradition of a tea-signing, the GnuPG keys were signed over a typical Czech
tea, also known as beer, a typical Czech food was served (more or less,
since the only place with free tables was an Italian restaurant), and many
current and former Gentoo developers were bashed by the attendants.

   4. [hidden email]
   6. [hidden email]

While this nice evening was the first real life meeting of Gentoo developers
in Prague ever, there hopefully will be another one in not so distant future
as our beloved Christel Dahlskjaer[7] is planning her visit to Prague.
Rumors say she is willing to marry a goat here, but the GWN team couldn't
get an official manifest before the issue went to press.

   7. [hidden email]

4. Tips and Tricks

Spice up your MOTD

MOTD stands for "Message Of The Day". On most systems the file /etc/motd
serves to output messages when someone logs in to the system. In this
installment of Tips and Tricks we learn how use fortune and cowsay to create
a fancy MOTD.

First we need to install two packages:

| Code Listing 4.1                                                          |
| Installing cowsay and fortune                                             |
| # emerge fortune-mod cowsay                                               |

Next we should choose a character from the following choices:

| Code Listing 4.2                                                          |
| Choosing your character                                                   |
| # ls /usr/share/cowsay-3.03/cows/                                         |
| # cowsay -f ren "foo"                                                     |

Finally, we update /etc/motd:

| Code Listing 4.3                                                          |
| Updating /etc/motd                                                        |
| # fortune | cowsay -f ren > /etc/motd                                     |

You can generate a new motd daily by creating the following file in

| Code Listing 4.4                                                                       |
| Setting up the cron job                                                                |
| # echo '#!/bin/sh' >> /etc/cron.daily/motd                                             |
| # echo '/usr/bin/fortune | /usr/bin/cowsay -f ren > /etc/motd' >> /etc/cron.daily/motd |
| # chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/motd                                                        |

If you want to spice up your motd even more, read the forums thread[8] which
inspired this week's Tips and Tricks.


5. Gentoo developer moves


The following developers recently left the Gentoo project:

  * Alexandre Buisse (nattfodd)


The following developers recently joined the Gentoo project:

  * none this week


The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo project:

  * none this week

6. Gentoo package moves

This section lists packages that have either been moved or added to the tree
and packages that have had their "last rites" announcement given to be
removed in the future. The package removals come from many locations,
including the Treecleaners[9] and various developers. Most packages which
are listed under the Last Rites section are in need of some love and care
and can remain in the tree if proper maintainership is established.



Package:                     Removal date: Contact:
net-p2p/mnet                 13 Mar 2007   Raúl Porcel[10]
games-fps/quake1             14 Mar 2007   Michael Sterrett[11]
games-fps/ttyquake           14 Mar 2007   Michael Sterrett[11]
app-portage/portage-prefpane 15 Mar 2007   Michael Hanselmann[12]
net-wireless/ipw2100         17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
net-wireless/ipw2200         17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
net-www/mod_injection        17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
net-www/mod_bwshare          17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
net-www/mod_random           17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
net-www/mod_encoding         17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
www-apache/mod_depends       17 Mar 2007   Christian Heim[13]
games-rpg/planeshift         17 Mar 2007   Alfredo Tupone[14]
kde-base/kde-env             17 Mar 2007   Carsten Lohrke[15]
net-im/ohphone               17 Mar 2007   Ryan Hill[16]
dev-php4/PEAR-XML_CSSML      18 Mar 2007   Luca Longinotti[17]
dev-php4/PEAR-XML_XPath      18 Mar 2007   Luca Longinotti[17]
net-irc/cyclone              18 Mar 2007   Raúl Porcel[10]

  10. [hidden email]
  11. [hidden email]
  12. [hidden email]
  13. [hidden email]
  14. [hidden email]
  15. [hidden email]
  16. [hidden email]
  17. [hidden email]


Package:                                 Addition date: Contact:
dev-ruby/adhearsion[18]                  13 Mar 2007    Christian Marie[19]
x11-plugins/wmcpu[20]                    14 Mar 2007    Michele Noberasco[21]
media-plugins/audacious-g15-spectrum[22] 15 Mar 2007    Robert Buchholz[23]
app-misc/g15macro[24]                    15 Mar 2007    Robert Buchholz[23]
app-misc/g15message[25]                  15 Mar 2007    Robert Buchholz[23]
dev-ruby/ruby-debug-base[26]             16 Mar 2007    Christian Marie[19]
dev-ruby/ruby-debug[27]                  16 Mar 2007    Christian Marie[19]
media-sound/pymp[28]                     16 Mar 2007    Samuli Suominen[29]
net-p2p/deluge[30]                       16 Mar 2007    Raúl Porcel[10]
app-laptop/macbook-backlight[31]         16 Mar 2007    Cédric Krier[32]
dev-java/javahelp[33]                    16 Mar 2007    Petteri Räty[2]
dev-haskell/xhtml[34]                    17 Mar 2007    Lennart Kolmodin[35]
dev-haskell/arrows[36]                   17 Mar 2007    Lennart Kolmodin[35]
dev-haskell/cgi[37]                      17 Mar 2007    Lennart Kolmodin[35]
dev-haskell/time[38]                     17 Mar 2007    Lennart Kolmodin[35]
media-tv/dvbstreamer[39]                 17 Mar 2007    Matthias Schwarzott[40]
xfce-extra/xfce4-places[41]              17 Mar 2007    Samuli Suominen[29]
dev-ruby/facter[42]                      17 Mar 2007    Masatomo Nakano[43]
app-admin/puppet[44]                     17 Mar 2007    Masatomo Nakano[43]
media-libs/libnut[45]                    18 Mar 2007    Steve Dibb[46]
dev-cpp/tclap[47]                        18 Mar 2007    René Nussbaumer[48]

   2. [hidden email]
  10. [hidden email]
  19. [hidden email]
  21. [hidden email]
  23. [hidden email]
  29. [hidden email]
  32. [hidden email]
  35. [hidden email]
  40. [hidden email]
  43. [hidden email]
  46. [hidden email]
  48. [hidden email]

Last Rites:

Package:                     Removal date: Contact:
app-text/estraier[49]        12 Apr 2007   Matsuu Takuto[50]
dev-java/oscore-bin[51]      12 Apr 2007   William L. Thomson Jr.[52]
dev-java/oscore[53]          12 Apr 2007   William L. Thomson Jr.[52]
sci-electronics/modelsim[54] 14 Apr 2007   Denis Dupeyron[55]
mail-mta/qmail[56]           15 Apr 2007   Michael Hanselmann[12]
www-servers/ncsa-httpd[57]   17 Apr 2007   Raúl Porcel[10]
net-im/aim-transport[58]     17 Apr 2007   Raúl Porcel[10]
xfce-extra/xfcalendar[59]    18 Apr 2007   Samuli Suominen[29]
xfce-base/xffm[60]           18 Apr 2007   Samuli Suominen[29]
www-servers/plb[61]          18 Apr 2007   Raúl Porcel[10]

  10. [hidden email]
  12. [hidden email]
  29. [hidden email]
  50. [hidden email]
  52. [hidden email]
  55. [hidden email]

7. Bugzilla


  * Statistics
  * Closed bug ranking
  * New bug rankings


The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ([62]) to record and track
bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the development
team. Between 11 March 2007 and 18 March 2007, activity on the site has
resulted in:


  * 619 new bugs during this period
  * 443 bugs closed or resolved during this period
  * 27 previously closed bugs were reopened this period
  * 116 bugs marked as duplicates during this period

Of the 10239 currently open bugs: 17 are labeled 'blocker', 107 are labeled
'critical', and 412 are labeled 'major'.

Closed bug rankings

The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period

  * Gentoo Games[63], with 49 closed bugs[64]
  * Java team[65], with 21 closed bugs[66]
  * Gentoo KDE team[67], with 15 closed bugs[68]
  * Camille Huot[69], with 14 closed bugs[70]
  * Gentoo's Team for Core System packages[71], with 12 closed bugs[72]
  * Gentoo Security[73], with 11 closed bugs[74]
  * Gentoo Sound Team[75], with 9 closed bugs[76]
  * PMS/EAPI Bugs[77], with 9 closed bugs[78]

  63. [hidden email]
  65. [hidden email]
  67. [hidden email]
  69. [hidden email]
  71. [hidden email]
  73. [hidden email]
  75. [hidden email]
  77. [hidden email]

New bug rankings

The developers and teams who have been assigned the most new bugs during
this period are:

  * TeX herd[79], with 93 new bugs[80]
  * Default Assignee for New Packages[81], with 34 new bugs[82]
  * Default Assignee for Orphaned Packages[83], with 28 new bugs[84]
  * mips team[85], with 20 new bugs[86]
  * Gentoo SGML herd[87], with 19 new bugs[88]
  * AMD64 Project[89], with 16 new bugs[90]
  * Colin Morey[91], with 15 new bugs[92]
  * PPC Porters[93], with 10 new bugs[94]

  79. [hidden email]
  81. [hidden email]
  83. [hidden email]
  85. [hidden email]
  87. [hidden email]
  89. [hidden email]
  91. [hidden email]
  93. [hidden email]

8. GWN feedback

The GWN is staffed by volunteers and members of the community who submit
ideas and articles. If you are interested in writing for the GWN, have
feedback on an article that we have posted, or just have an idea or article
that you would like to submit to the GWN, please send us your feedback[95]
and help make the GWN better.

  95. [hidden email]

9. GWN subscription information

To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email].

To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email] from the e-mail address you are subscribed

10. Other languages

The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages:

  * Chinese (Simplified)[96]
  * Dutch[97]
  * English[98]
  * German[99]
  * Greek[100]
  * French[101]
  * Korean[102]
  * Japanese[103]
  * Italian[104]
  * Polish[105]
  * Portuguese (Brazil)[106]
  * Portuguese (Portugal)[107]
  * Russian[108]
  * Slovak[109]
  * Spanish[110]
  * Turkish[111]


Chris Gianelloni <[hidden email]> - Editor
Peter Weller <[hidden email]> - Author
William L. Thomson Jr. <[hidden email]> - Author
Petteri Räty <[hidden email]> - Author
Andrey Falko <[hidden email]> - Author
Raúl Porcel <[hidden email]> - Author
Wernfried Haas <[hidden email]> - Author
Chrissy Fullam <[hidden email]> - Author
Jan Kundrát <[hidden email]> - Author

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