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Gentoo Weekly Newsletter 5 February 2007

Chris Gianelloni
Gentoo Weekly Newsletter
This is the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter for the week of 5 February 2007.

1. Gentoo News

KDE team needs your help

Due to inactivity and other responsibilities within Gentoo's KDE team[1],
they are currently seeking out new recruits from the community. Interested
parties who are currently developers can add themselves to the herd and
start squashing bugs. Interested members of the community can also help. If
you want to help out, contact the KDE team[2] for more information.

   2. [hidden email]

Upcoming removal of mail-mta/qmail

The Gentoo qmail team[3] would like to announce the removal of
mail-mta/qmail. It has been superseded by mail-mta/netqmail which is stable
on the same architectures as the older mail-mta/qmail. The new ebuild,
mail-mta/netqmail, consists of only upstream provided patches[4]. One of the
reasons for the switch is the massive cleanup efforts that have made the
newer ebuild. Users wanting custom patches can use the QMAIL_PATCH_DIR
variable in make.conf, specifying a directory containing patches to be
applied before compilation. Be aware that the qmail team will not support
installations using custom patches.

   3. [hidden email]

The mail-mta/qmail package will be removed on or around April 15, 2007,
after being masked on or around March 15, 2007. Please migrate to the new
package before this date.

2. Developer of the week

Matthias Schwarzott, aka zzam

Figure 2.1: Matthias Schwarzott, aka zzam

Matthias Schwarzott[5] is a 25 year old developer. He lives in Erlangen,
Germany with his girlfriend Charlotte. Matthias studies technomathematics,
which is basically an expensive word for mathematics and technology, at the
Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. There he studies Java
programming, working with algorithms, programming computer graphics in C++,
and Electrical Engineering.

   5. [hidden email]

Matthias has worked at Siemens, where he was a C/C++ programmer, and
currently works part-time as a Systems Administrator for a company that
operates web games. When Matthias is done with his studies, he hopes to be
able to start working as a programmer.

Though he's pretty busy with school, work, and Gentoo, Matthias still finds
some free time for his hobbies. He enjoys classic dancing (e.g.
cha-cha/waltz/etc.), cooking, and exercising. Matthias’ interest in dancing
developed at school, where he took dance classes, and was rekindled when he
and his girlfriend started taking classes together. His favorite recipes
include streusel cake and pizza.

Matthias started using Linux in the summer of '97 after growing tired of
Windows 3.11. He read about SUSE 5.0 and decided to give it a try, later
moving on to Debian, and finally settling on Gentoo in the 1.4 days. After
buying a DVB card to setup a VDR box, he started to gain interest in
becoming a Gentoo developer. He used to compile programs by hand, then tried
using ebuilds, and started sending his own contributions to Stefan
Schweizer[6]. After his recruitment process, zzam became the VDR project
lead. He reflects back upon the substantial growth the VDR project has
enjoyed and is anxious for what the future may bring. He is looking for
active contributors to implement patches and help maintain the existing
patch sets. He attributes his developer drive to the simple fact that he
enjoys helping users.

   6. [hidden email]

3. Heard in the community

More fancy desktops: Metisse

Figure 3.1: Metisse X-Server screenshot

Hanno Boeck[7] recently added Metisse[8] to his subversion overlay. Metisse
is the answer from Mandriva[9] to compiz and the whole 3D-desktop craze.
Metisse has some features that give it the ability to transform the shape of
windows, including rotating, scaling, and zooming. It is even possible to
make a parallelogram from a window! Mettisse runs on its own X server, which
is luminocity/Xgl-like and a modified variant of fvwm.

   7. [hidden email]

Currently, Metisse only works on x86, but upstream is working on support for
amd64 and other architectures. A new version should be released soon to
resolve some of the known bugs. For more information on where to get the
sources, and how to start the environment, please read Hanno's original blog



deleted ._cfg files

Kamen TOMOV was worried because he had deleted his ._cfg files from a recent
update. The answer was the use of the --noconfmem option to emerge. With
--noconfmem, portage will "forget" that it has already made a ._cfg file for
a CONFIG_PROTECT file, thus causing portage to reinstall the ._cfg file
needed for updating.


Migrating gentoo to a new machine

Seo Boon had happily used Gentoo on his old notebook for some time and over
time had developed a set of packages installed that he very much liked.
However, he recently got a shiny new notebook and on that notebook he wanted
the exact same package set he had on the old notebook since it had served
him so well. He soon figured out though that a simple copy of
/var/lib/portage/world from the old machine to the new one did not work. The
list eventually settled on taking the old world file and running the
following on the new machine.

| Code Listing 3.1                                                          |
| Duplicating world                                                         |
| # emerge -va --noreplace $(cat old_world_file)                            |

This command will install all of the files in the old_world_file while also
adding them to the world of the new machine. The --noreplace was added in
case some packages had already been installed, in order to avoid repeating
one's self.



[RFC] Maintainer Timeout

Timothy Redaelli opened a discussion about perhaps adding some official
"Maintainer Timeout" in which there would be an official amount of time that
a maintainer of a package would have to respond to a bug report before any
developer would be able to jump in and fix the bug themselves. While an
interesting idea, consensus seemed to center around a post by Grant Goodyear
describing the proper application of common sense. Many devs agreed that
they have mixed feeling on the ownership of ebuilds, and that if a developer
can fix a problem and know they can do so within the realm of using their
common sense to not make a problem worse, that they should go ahead and fix
the problem.


4. Gentoo in the press

IBM DeveloperWorks (31 Jan 2007)

Martyn Honeyford writes about how to accurately measure the amount of memory
in use on a Linux system, as well as giving practical advice on how to
reduce your memory requirements. In the article, Gentoo is recommended for
the ability to recompile applications with user-specified CFLAGS to reduce
memory usage, and for USE flags that can greatly reduce the size of needed


5. Gentoo developer moves


The following developers recently left the Gentoo project:

  * none this week


The following developers recently joined the Gentoo project:

  * Dean Stephens (desultory) forums
  * Martin Jackson (mjolnir) netmon team
  * Samuli Suominen (drac) Xfce team
  * Sebastien Fabbro (bicatali) Scientific applications


The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo project:

  * none this week

6. Gentoo Security

KSirc: Denial of Service vulnerability

KSirc is vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[10]


ELinks: Arbitrary Samba command execution

ELinks does not properly validate "smb://" URLs, making it vulnerable to the
execution of arbitrary Samba commands.

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[11]


thttpd: Unauthenticated remote file access

The default configuration of the Gentoo thttpd package potentially allows
unauthenticated access to system files when used with newer versions of

For more information, please see the GLSA Announcement[12]


7. Gentoo package moves

This section lists packages that have either been moved or added to the tree
and packages that have had their "last rites" announcement given to be
removed in the future. The package removals come from many locations,
including the Treecleaners[13] and various developers. Most packages which
are listed under the Last Rites section are in need of some love and care
and can remain in the tree if proper maintainership is established.



Package:                 Removal date: Contact:
net-www/gplflash         31 Jan 2007   Raúl Porcel[14]
media-video/dxr2-driver  01 Feb 2007   Steve Dibb[15]
net-analyzer/zodiac      01 Feb 2007   Markus Ullmann[16]
games-fps/doomlegacy     02 Feb 2007   Tristan Heaven[17]
net-p2p/gnome-btdownload 02 Feb 2007   Raúl Porcel[14]
games-kids/matritsa      03 Feb 2007   Tristan Heaven[17]
app-misc/nomad-tool      03 Feb 2007   George Shapovalov[18]
dev-ada/adaopengl        03 Feb 2007   George Shapovalov[18]
dev-ada/adabindx         03 Feb 2007   George Shapovalov[18]
x11-misc/gtk2mp          04 Feb 2007   Andrej Kacian[19]
net-mail/base64          04 Feb 2007   Andrej Kacian[19]
net-misc/tulip-devel     04 Feb 2007   Rajiv Aaron Manglani[20]
media-radio/ax25-tools   04 Feb 2007   Charlie Shepherd[21]

  14. [hidden email]
  15. [hidden email]
  16. [hidden email]
  17. [hidden email]
  18. [hidden email]
  19. [hidden email]
  20. [hidden email]
  21. [hidden email]


Package:                         Addition date: Contact:
dev-php5/xcache[22]              29 Jan 2007    Markus Ullmann[16]
dev-perl/Cisco-IPPhone[23]       30 Jan 2007    Tony Vroon[24]
media-libs/libdjconsole[25]      30 Jan 2007    Alexis Ballier[26]
xfce-extra/thunar-volman[27]     31 Jan 2007    Peter Weller[28]
games-fps/ut2004-hamsterbash[29] 31 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[30]
games-fps/ut2004-ultraduel[31]   31 Jan 2007    Chris Gianelloni[30]
dev-games/wfmath[32]             01 Feb 2007    Alfredo Tupone[33]
dev-games/mercator[34]           01 Feb 2007    Alfredo Tupone[33]
games-server/cyphesis[35]        01 Feb 2007    Alfredo Tupone[33]
dev-python/pysnmp-mibs[36]       02 Feb 2007    Martin Jackson[37]
dev-python/pysnmp-apps[38]       02 Feb 2007    Martin Jackson[37]
app-emacs/org-mode[39]           02 Feb 2007    Christian Faulhammer[40]
games-arcade/jardinains[41]      02 Feb 2007    Gustavo Felisberto[42]
dev-lang/interprolog[43]         02 Feb 2007    Keri Harris[44]
app-text/tesseract[45]           02 Feb 2007    Patrick McLean[46]
sys-apps/chname[47]              03 Feb 2007    Michael Marineau[48]
dev-python/pyinotify[49]         03 Feb 2007    Bryan Østergaard[50]
www-servers/mongrel_cluster[51]  03 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
net-analyzer/ifstatus[53]        03 Feb 2007    Martin Jackson[37]
dev-libs/libmcs[54]              03 Feb 2007    Tony Vroon[24]
net-analyzer/ipband[55]          03 Feb 2007    Martin Jackson[37]
dev-ruby/wirble[56]              04 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
dev-ruby/ruby-inline[57]         04 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
dev-ruby/radius[58]              04 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
dev-ruby/radiant[59]             04 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
dev-ruby/hpricot[60]             04 Feb 2007    Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy[52]
dev-python/sexy-python[61]       04 Feb 2007    Samuli Suominen[62]
media-sound/exaile[63]           04 Feb 2007    Samuli Suominen[62]
x11-apps/amlc[64]                04 Feb 2007    Samuli Suominen[62]
xfce-extra/xfce4-eyes[65]        04 Feb 2007    Samuli Suominen[62]

  16. [hidden email]
  24. [hidden email]
  26. [hidden email]
  28. [hidden email]
  30. [hidden email]
  33. [hidden email]
  37. [hidden email]
  40. [hidden email]
  42. [hidden email]
  44. [hidden email]
  46. [hidden email]
  48. [hidden email]
  50. [hidden email]
  52. [hidden email]
  62. [hidden email]

Last Rites:

Package:                        Removal date: Contact:
sys-cluster/gomd[66]            17 Feb 2007   Daniel Drake[67]
sys-cluster/openmosix-3dmon[68] 17 Feb 2007   Daniel Drake[67]
dev-embedded/gpsim-led[69]      01 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-embedded/gpsim-logic[71]    01 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
net-analyzer/prelude-nids[72]   01 Mar 2007   Markus Ullmann[16]
net-analyzer/prelude-nagios[73] 02 Mar 2007   Markus Ullmann[16]
media-sound/choad[74]           03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/gradio[75]          03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/liteamp[76]         03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/pd-cyclone[77]      03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/mpio[78]            03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/psmix[79]           03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/sulu[80]            03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-video/ks3switch[81]       03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
sys-apps/s3switch[82]           03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
media-sound/yserver[83]         03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
app-admin/kcmgrunlevel[84]      03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ruby/ruby-gtk[85]           03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ruby/ruby-gconf[86]         03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ruby/ruby-gdkimlib[87]      03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ruby/ruby-gdkpixbuf[88]     03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ruby/ruby-libart[89]        03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
www-client/ci[90]               03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
www-client/gorua[91]            03 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
app-portage/kentoo[92]          04 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
www-client/khttrack[93]         04 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]
dev-ada/garlic[94]              04 Mar 2007   Diego Pettenò[70]

  16. [hidden email]
  67. [hidden email]
  70. [hidden email]

8. Bugzilla


  * Statistics
  * Closed bug ranking
  * New bug rankings


The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla ([95]) to record and track
bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the development
team. Between 28 January 2007 and 04 February 2007, activity on the site has
resulted in:


  * 702 new bugs during this period
  * 537 bugs closed or resolved during this period
  * 33 previously closed bugs were reopened this period
  * 118 bugs marked as duplicates during this period

Of the 10485 currently open bugs: 18 are labeled 'blocker', 112 are labeled
'critical', and 441 are labeled 'major'.

Closed bug rankings

The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period

  * AMD64 Project[96], with 51 closed bugs[97]
  * Gentoo Games[98], with 26 closed bugs[99]
  * Java team[100], with 23 closed bugs[101]
  * Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team[102], with 22 closed bugs[103]
  * Gentoo KDE team[2], with 19 closed bugs[104]
  * Netmon Herd[105], with 18 closed bugs[106]
  * Portage team[107], with 14 closed bugs[108]
  * Gentoo Sound Team[109], with 12 closed bugs[110]

   2. [hidden email]
  96. [hidden email]
  98. [hidden email]
 100. [hidden email]
 102. [hidden email]
 105. [hidden email]
 107. [hidden email]
 109. [hidden email]

New bug rankings

The developers and teams who have been assigned the most new bugs during
this period are:

  * Default Assignee for New Packages[111], with 29 new bugs[112]
  * Gentoo Toolchain Maintainers[113], with 13 new bugs[114]
  * Gentoo KDE team[2], with 10 new bugs[115]
  * media-video herd[116], with 9 new bugs[117]
  * Default Assignee for Orphaned Packages[118], with 8 new bugs[119]
  * Gentoo X-windows packagers[120], with 7 new bugs[121]
  * Gentoo Games[98], with 7 new bugs[122]
  * AMD64 Project[96], with 7 new bugs[123]

   2. [hidden email]
  96. [hidden email]
  98. [hidden email]
 111. [hidden email]
 113. [hidden email]
 116. [hidden email]
 118. [hidden email]
 120. [hidden email]

9. GWN feedback

The GWN is staffed by volunteers and members of the community who submit
ideas and articles. If you are interested in writing for the GWN, have
feedback on an article that we have posted, or just have an idea or article
that you would like to submit to the GWN, please send us your feedback[124]
and help make the GWN better.

 124. [hidden email]

10. GWN subscription information

To subscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email].

To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Weekly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email] from the e-mail address you are subscribed

11. Other languages

The Gentoo Weekly Newsletter is also available in the following languages:

  * Chinese (Simplified)[125]
  * Danish[126]
  * Dutch[127]
  * English[128]
  * German[129]
  * Greek[130]
  * French[131]
  * Korean[132]
  * Japanese[133]
  * Italian[134]
  * Polish[135]
  * Portuguese (Brazil)[136]
  * Portuguese (Portugal)[137]
  * Russian[138]
  * Slovak[139]
  * Spanish[140]
  * Turkish[141]


Chris Gianelloni <[hidden email]> - Editor
Dimitry Bradt <[hidden email]> - Author
Kyle Bishop <[hidden email]> - Author
Michael Hanselmann <[hidden email]> - Author
Josh Saddler <[hidden email]> - Author

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