HP 9000/RP4400 hangs during kernel init

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HP 9000/RP4400 hangs during kernel init

Maciej Grela-2

I've tried to boot my rp4400 both the 2008.0 minimal installcd as well
as a Debian HPPA live cd but they are both hanging during kernel init.
In both cases last messages printed by the kernel are:

Enabling PDC_PAT chassis codes support v0.05
CONFIG_SMP=n  ignoring additional CPUs
CPU: probe of 129 failed with error 1
CPU(s): 1 x PA8800 (Mako) at 999.790700 MHz
Setting cache flush threshold to 2000000 (1 CPUs online)
SBA found Pluto 2.3 at 0xfffffffffed00000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed20000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed22000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed24000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed28000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed2a000
Mercury version TR3.2 (0x32) found at 0xfffffffffed2c000

After printing this the kernel stops booting and after a while some
kind of "watchdog" apparently kicks in and the server reboots.

Full logs are available here:
http://pastebin.com/42ngDeq4 (booting gentoo 2008.0 minimal installcd)
http://pastebin.com/s2jKGhuU (booting Debian HPPA installer)

I have checked, that the server can boot a HP-UX install cd, evidence
is at the end of this log:


This says to me, that the hardware is probably OK.

Also, I have found an older log when I managed to boot the same gentoo
minimal installcd and it went past the kernel init phase. The only
thing that changed with the server since then is that it was moved to
another rack.

Do you have some ideas, magic kernel options to try or maybe some more
recent images for me to try ?

I can provide the system event log if that may help in finding out what's wrong.

Best regards,
Maciej Grela