How do I start Espeakup under Systemd

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How do I start Espeakup under Systemd

John Robinson
Hi everyone.  I'm trying to upgrade my Gentoo system to use Systemd
 instead of Openrc.  I use the Speakup screen reader built into my
 kernel and the Espeak software synthesizer.  I also use Espeakup to
 connect the two.  Starting Espeakup was easy under Openrc using an
 Init script which the ebuild installed, but I cannot figure out how to
 start it under Systemd.  As I understand it, you can only start a
 program under Systemd if you have the appropriate Systemd service file
 in /usr/lib/system/system.  I have played around with USE flags and
 re-installed Espeakup several times.  Try as I might, I cannot get the
 Gentoo Espeakup ebuild version 0.71 to install a Systemd service file.
  For this reason I cannot start Espeakup and now have no speech.  Does
 anyone on this list have experience of running Espeakup under Systemd?
  If so, I'd be very grateful to hear how you did it.

 Many thanks for any help.

 John Robinson