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IBM Cell SDK on PS3

Jean-Francis Roy


My name is Jean-Francis Roy and I've got Gentoo up-and-running on a Sony PS3.

I plan to use it to do scientific calculus using the libraries given on the IBM Cell SDK, but I run into problems using them. My questions are:

- Is anybody providing ebuilds for them? I found a bug report about those but it was close with a wontfix resolution. I emailed the originator of the bug and he said he switched to another distribution that provided those libraries.
- Have anybody got libraries like BLAS and LAPACK up-and-running with the bindings to other languages? I succeded in binding BLAS to GSL (GNU Scientific Library) but I get no chance with numpy (Python), multiplying big matrices give me an error message from the ALF library, saying that "alf_task_create" returned an error. I can't find out what is the problem...

Thanks a lot for you time!

Jean-Francis Roy
Laval University Grad Student