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LDAP server questions

Pandu Poluan

Hello list!

I'm planning to replace an Active Directory server currently functioning *only* as an LDAP server, with a dedicated Linux-based LDAP server.

Now, the function of the LDAP server is at the moment:
* Provide the settings database for Axigen email server
* Provide group membership for BlueCoat proxy (who allowed to access what)
* Provide group membership for FreeRADIUS
* Provide group membership for Fortinet VPN

The day-to-day management will be handled be another division, and I'm quite sure that they prefer a GUI, so the solution really should have a GUI support (either Windows-based 'client' or web-based admin console).

Apparently, there are now many implementations of LDAP in the *nix world, such as OpenLDAP, OpenDS, ApacheDS, and 389DS.

Have any of you experiences with them? Which one do you think is the most mature and supported? And, quite importantly, which one has a GUI front-end?