Mouse problem in QEMU

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Mouse problem in QEMU

Pavel Volkov
I have a problem moving the mouse in a guest QEMU machine.

The pointer is not grabbed by Guest OS (Linux), however it does react to
pressing right mouse button (popup menu appears).
Keyboard works well.

This is how I launch it:
qemu-kvm \
-cpu host \
-drive file=bluecrimson.raw,if=virtio \
-net nic,model=virtio \
-net user,net= \
-m 2048M \
-vga std \
-usbdevice mouse \   # also tried without this option
-name "bluecrimson (Chakra)" \
-boot d \
-cdrom ~/optic/UNIX/chakra-2013.09-fritz-x86_64.iso

The ISO used here is Chakra Linux distro live CD.
On the host I run app-emulation/qemu 1.6.1 in KDE 4.12 environment.

Any ideas how to make the mouse pointer work?