Next council meeting on Tuesday 9th 2010 at 2000UTC

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Next council meeting on Tuesday 9th 2010 at 2000UTC

Denis Dupeyron
The next council meeting will be on Tuesday 9th at 2000UTC. Please
note the slightly unusual day and time. It's on a Tuesday and it's one
hour later than usual. That's 21:00 for those of us in western Europe,
3:00PM for US east coast and 12 noon for US west coast.

Please make sure you discuss the topics before the meeting because we
will likely not have time for much more than voting. On top of that
council meetings are not the right place for technical discussions and
heated debates (both have a 100% chance of going nowhere). The place
where ideas should be proposed and discussed, where consensus need to
be reached, is the mailing lists. Don't count on your council members
to be creative, they're way too lazy and clueless for that.

I'm just now starting to work on the agenda with the target of
proposing it for review to the council over the coming weekend, but I
already know it's again going to be packed. What will for sure be on
the agenda are GLEPs 58 to 61 and the VDB issue (although I still have
to sort out this mess of a thread and bug). So, again, please make
sure you get all the answers you need on the mailing lists before the

If you want to propose topics just post them to this thread. There's
no point asking us to discuss your half-baked project or idea though
because we'll end up canceling it due to disagreeing on the colors in
the output log.