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Andrew Savchenko-2

we're using orangefs as a distributed parallel file system in our
cluster. I opened a bug for it some time ago:

ATM some file there are outdated and it is better to use orangefs
from my overlay (sorry, I can't update files in the bug for each
little change):;a=tree;f=sys-cluster/orangefs;h=c5c01fdc40c03cbb01c1702a6732d79f087403ab;hb=HEAD

This filesystem has its problems, mostly with recent kernels in its
kernel interface. But alternative fuse client is available and works
really good for our tasks.

If someone can proxy-maintain this package for me, I can support it
for the benefit of all Gentoo community.

P.S. OrangeFS-2.8.6 was recently released, I'll work on it in a while,
but ATM cluster is in production and I can't stop it for an upgrade
and testing. Hopefully 2.8.6 will fix kernel issues we have, so we'll
be able to get rid of fuse.

Best regards,
Andrew Savchenko

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