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Portage Snapshot Attribute Error

Tod Herman
Never had a problem creating a snapshot before.  Current version of portage is "sys-apps/portage-2.1_pre4-r1"
Here's the error:

# catalyst2 -s 2006.latest

Gentoo Catalyst, version 2.0_rc39
Copyright 2003-2005 The Gentoo Foundation
Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2

Using default Catalyst configuration file, /etc/catalyst2/catalyst2.conf
Setting sharedir to config file value "/usr/lib/catalyst2"
Setting snapshot_cache to default value "/var/tmp/catalyst2/snapshot_cache"
Setting hash_function to config file value "md5"
Setting storedir to config file value "/var/tmp/catalyst2"
Setting portdir to default value "/usr/portage"
Setting distdir to config file value "/usr/portage/distfiles"
Setting options to config file value "autoresume ccache kerncache pkgcache seedcache snapcache"
Compiler cache support enabled.
Package cache support enabled.
Snapshot cache support enabled.
Seed cache support enabled.
Kernel cache support enabled.
Autoresuming support enabled.
Envscript support enabled.
Creating Portage tree snapshot 2006.latest from /usr/portage...
Compressing Portage snapshot tarball...
Catalyst aborting....
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/catalyst2", line 380, in ?
    build_target(addlargs, targetmap)
  File "/usr/bin/catalyst2", line 198, in build_target
  File "/usr/lib/catalyst2/modules/snapshot_target.py", line 63, in run
AttributeError: snapshot_target instance has no attribute 'gen_digest_file'

Same error on two different boxes.  Ideas?

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