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David wrote:
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
| Subject:
| Re: Gentoo Public Relations Project
| From:
| Donnie Berkholz <[hidden email]>
| Date:
| Sat, 7 Mar 2009 23:42:53 -0800
| To:
| David <[hidden email]>
| To:
| David <[hidden email]>
| CC:
| [hidden email]
| On 15:25 Sun 15 Feb     , David wrote:
|> Hi Donnie,
|> I would like to become involved in the above mentioned project. If there
|> is anything I can do to help out, please let me know.
|> thanks
|> - -david
| David,
| I'd love to hear what ideas you have and how you could help to make them
| happen! As you are aware, we are excited about anything that can
| minimize time requirements for the people involved. I've copied the PR
| alias here so everyone else can be involved.
| One thing we're experimenting with is switching to a blog for all news
| postings. Josh Saddler's already set one up on a private URL, and this
| looks like the way forward for lowering the effort barrier on news
| updates. I think the main blocker is updating some scripts from the
| G(W|M)N for generating various graphs etc.
I am willing to help out any way I can. Could be a task someone does not
have the time for, needs someone to do some grunt work, or just does not
want to do it for whatever reason.

As for ideas I just did an interview with Dyllan Pascoe. [0] I found out
about him from Donnie's friendfeed (thanks Donnie). [1] He did an
interview about migrating to Gentoo at his job. [2] He had an
interesting idea about how to get users together by comparing there
systems, location, .conf files etc. For a user it would also be
interesting to see the developers set-ups. The idea is here. [3] I am
not a programmer but I put together a sample program here. [4]
- -david


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