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Re: Raspberry Pi in 64bit Big Endian mode

I forgot to mention that


is set, so it's probably not just a case of the framebuffer console

Am 26.11.2018 10:01 schrieb [hidden email]:

> Hi,
> has anyone managed to run the Raspi 3/3+ in big endian mode? I can't
> get a BE the kernel to boot.
> I have a working (LE) kernel config. Additionally I've enabled
> otherwise leaving the exact same settings, but that one doesn't boot.
> I tried using an aarch64_be-linux-musl crosscompiler (though IMO that
> shouldn't be necessary because a LE gcc is able to output BE code) to
> no avail.
> So far I've only found vague information that BE is mandatory in 32bit
> but optional in 64bit mode because SETEND is deprecated. Does that
> mean it is not possible to do this on the Raspberry Pi?
> Thanks!
> Philipp