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Benda Xu
Hi Amlesh,

I suppose you don't mind if I quote your email in a public mailing list.

Amlesh Sivanantham <[hidden email]> writes:

> My name is Amlesh Sivanantham and I am looking to learn how to become
> a package maintainer. I found out that there is a gentoo mentoring
> system. The page mentions that the best way to try and contribute to
> projects listed in this page and get in contact with the poster. I do
> not have any experience with writing gentoo ebuilds which is why I was
> looking for a mentor. I do however have a lot of experience with
> numerical and machine learning libraries. I am currently a masters
> student in CS with a focus on Deep Reinforcement Learning for
> Robotics. Because of this, I figured that this project would the
> perfect fit for me to learn how to contribute to. If you guys would be
> able to let me learn under your wing, I would greatly appreciate it. I
> look forward to your response.

Welcome!  I appreciate your enthusiasm.  ebuilds are nicely designed
shell scripts.  Are you familiar with them?

At present our BLAS and LAPACK switching framework is under of a stalled

At first, it was migrated from nothing to switch-runtime-then-compile
alternative-2.eclass in the science overlay.

After the discuss in

We figured out that we need to migrate again from alternative-2.eclass
into compile-time switching.

But our student Doeme abandoned the work half-way, after he has got what
he wanted.

Integrating optimized BLAS and LAPACK into Gentoo science is important
for any serious high performance computing.

Are you interested in picking up where Doeme has left out and finish the
migration?  If so, I will be more than happy to be your mentor and

To learn how to write ebuild and eclass, refer to the devmanual first: