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Pengcheng Xu
Actually it's tougher than it seems to be as I've only succeeded a few
times in successfully
building such a system and tons of efforts to reproduce it failed
(probably because of failing
to take down __exactly__ what I did to make it the first time :/).

I'm still trying to get things right (trying to grab the idea of the
differences between stage[1-4],
and trying to reproduce the build stably). I've CC'ed this thread to
[hidden email],
hope that helps.

2017-09-10 7:10 GMT+08:00 Robin H. Johnson <[hidden email]>:

> On Sat, Sep 09, 2017 at 11:51:27PM +0800, Johnson Steward wrote:
>> I've been messing with Gentoo FreeBSD these days and, finally, got to the
>> current latest version available. As upgrading is really a tiring process
>> (lots and lots and lots of bootstrapping the tool chain and bunches of
>> blocks in the current stages), I'm thinking of sharing my currently working
>> system as a staged for further testing for those who are interested.
> Find a developer on the Gentoo/FreeBSD team ideally, and get the content
> over to Infra.
> Goes to woodpecker:/space/experimental-local/bsd/freebsd/ which will
> mirror out to
> Should ideally be all of stage[1234], including CONTENTS and DIGESTS
> files.
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