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Ferris McCormick

We are an architecture team, so except for one developer (bluebird) who
is actively working on true multilib support (64-bit userland), we are
mostly reactive to bug reports for security, testing, and keywording.

Currently we have enough developers to pretty much keep up with demand.
However, note the following:

1.  We need arch testers.  We use them to help with evaluating keyword
requests and as a breeding ground for new developers.  However, because
of this all of our arch testers have become developers and we need to
refresh the pool.

2.  Although we currently are keeping up with requests, the work load
is heavy enough that we face (in my opinion) a real risk of developer
burnout.  Thus, I would say that we are understaffed, although we have
one or two candidates in process.  I'd prefer to have about three more
developers as well as arch testers as mentioned above.

So, short term, we are in reasonable shape.  Longer term, we need to

Ferris McCormick (P44646, MI) <[hidden email]>
Developer, Gentoo Linux (Sparc, Userrel, Trustees)

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SPARC sysfs dev eth flags vs. ethtool

Leif Sawyer
Seems quiet, so I'll through this out:

trying to remotely troubleshoot an ethernet link issue, and have come
across an issue
where my sbus happy-meal quad card is reporting a link-state of up, even
with no
network cable plugged in.

Also, the net 'state'  always stays unknown, even on the primary link
that is up/up and working.

granted, all of this is from the sysfs  point of view.

Using ethtool, however, the status appears to be correct; not quite sure
why the two sides of the coin
are out of sync....

anyway, not a big problem, just a 2cents...