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Tamas Sarga

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Mike Williams wrote:

> On Tuesday 01 November 2005 11:17, Tamas Sarga wrote:
> > I have a problem. My PC lockups time to time with the attached dmesg. It
> > occurs once or twice a week. After a minute or so it comes back, and the
> > computer works again. At last time it dropped lost interrupts into
> > dmesg, but I can't save it because it didn't come back after ten minutes
> > and I had to reset the machine.
> > What can be the problem? What other informations do you need?
> I'd say your hard drive/ide controller is about to die, or perhaps the cable
> isn't seated properly or broken.
> Check that the IDE cable is seated properly, and not damaged at all.
> Install, and run, smartmontools. That could give you loads of info.
> --
> Mike Williams


Thanks for all the responses. It seems that I'm not as unfortunate as it
seemed at first glance, but on the other hand I'm not as good in
hardwares as I thought.
The lockups and freezes are gone for three days. The problem was that my
8 mm system fan was on the same power-cable as my HDD. It disturbed the
drive. I linked the fan to the motherboard, it is fine at the moment. I
hope my mobo will be able to supply two fans, one for CPU and one for
I would have never thought that a 8mm fan can disturb a HDD's power

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