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Guy Martin-2

Hi Maciej,

Please next time, write to the gentoo-hppa mailing list.
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I don't think that the problem is the colour codes but something with the serial driver.

Make sure you specify console=ttyB0 on the kernel command line. Also it's worst trying with other livecd version.

Which livecd did you tried ?


On Thu, 26 Oct 2006 08:30:24 +0200
"Maciej Golas" <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi, sorry for disturbing, but I have a problem that I cannot solve.
> I've gotten an HP 9000 Server (K360) - that's noce :)
> But I have a problem during instalation Gentoo, actually I thing it's
> a terminal problem.
> I have gotten a serial text console with the machine and when the
> machine is booted from Gentoo instalation CD I cannot log into the
> system becouse there is a lot of additional characters on the screen.
> It seems these characters are involved with terminal color codes.
> So my question is how to tell the kernel that I use monochromatic terminal.
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> Maciej Gołaś

Guy Martin
Gentoo Linux - HPPA port Lead

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