[SoC 2009] End of SoC 2009: Gentoo/NetBSD project final report

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[SoC 2009] End of SoC 2009: Gentoo/NetBSD project final report

Patrice Clement-2
Hello everyone,

Today is the end of Summer of Code. As soon as I can (= when it'll be possible
to upload this stuff somewhere), I'll release 3 important things to the
Gentoo/BSD community:

- Gentoo/NetBSD ebuilds: as I said, these ebuilds need to be polished, reworked and
  tested. I didn't get a lot of feedbacks on them so please, be soft with me. :P
- gentoo-netbsd-5.0-stage3.tar.bz2: the famous tarball in question. I'll write
  a little wiki to explain installation steps but it should be very easy: perform
a minimal NetBSD install, download the tarball, extract, and enjoy !
- QEMU VM image: for people who don't want to mess with the install, an image
  will be available. I really need to wait for Google to give us a place to
upload our stuff because of the size of the VM (3 GB). Please, be patient. I'm
sorry but currently, I don't have enough place on my VPS. (perhaps Gentoo guys
can provide me some .. ? :D)

I've made some screenshots of this VM during boot process via OpenRC, login,
emerging of an ebuild (nano), .. Take a look at this url to see them:

This project won't die after GSoC; I'd like to continue working on this in
order to make something as mature as Gentoo/FreeBSD project. Yeah, there is a
big amount of work. :)

As usual, don't hesitate to comment my work, I'll be glad to hear you. :)

I'd like to thank Luca Barbato for his support during the half my GSoC; I
probably wouldn't have finished this project without him. I also like to thank
gentoo-bsd mailing list guys for their precious answers. Even if their has been
hard times, it has been a pleasure to work for the Gentoo Foundation. Thank you
all of you !