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Sparc Arch Testing

Jack Morgan

I few people expressed interest in doing arch testing for Sparc.
Basically, you should read these two wiki pages:

Don't worry about taking the ebuild and sparc quizzes. Start working on
testing packages that you find from the imlate script or working
directly in Bugzilla.

Do a Bugzilla search with these fields:

Assignee: [hidden email]
Reporter: [hidden email]
CC: [hidden email]
Commenter: [hidden email]

Currently there are 249 to test. Then update the Bugzilla with your
results of your testing following the procedures defined in the wiki above.

I hope provide some additional details on how I semi-automate this
process next weekend once I get my systems updated and back online.

Feel free to ping me on irc or via email if you have any questions.

Jack Morgan
Pub 4096R/761D8E0A 2010-09-13 Jack Morgan <[hidden email]>
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sparc64 bit profiles for review

I can safely say i have been running these in production with a native
64bit userland and 32 bit multilib for over 6 months now. My changes can
be found here.

I'm open to review on these changes, but it should keep compatibility
with the old profiles. Feel free to attempt to build stage3's from this,
but building a sparc64 stage3 will be tough on the current profiles. I
will upload some of my own stage3's soon and link them here for testing