USB 3.0 dock with linux support

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USB 3.0 dock with linux support

Hi everybody,

in a few days I want to buy a new laptop without a "real" docking port.
(Lenovo E330)

My question is:
Is there any external USB 3.0 dock which offers some USB, sound and
graphic ports (2x) with linux support on the market? I know some of
these docks (i.g., the Lenovo dock; see ), but all of them use
the same DisplayLink 3xxx chipset.

The problem is that there is no linux support for these chips ( ) and as a result I
don't want to buy one of them.

Or is there any alternative to a USB dock? I will use my laptop at my
desk and I have to work with it when I'm not at home. I even thought
about installing Windows on it to use the DisplayLink drivers and put my
gentoo into a virtual machine running on top of it. But this should only
be the very last option...

Thank you in advance!