Wicd don't work with sky2

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Wicd don't work with sky2

Bugzilla from zuboskal14@gmail.com
Sorry, I forgot - it english list)

    I have НР probook 5310m with this ethernet card:
        03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 436c (rev 10)

Kernel 2.6.33, net-misc/wicd-1.7.0
    Sky2 is now compiled as a module, but I tried install it in kernel too.
    When I try connect to wired network with wicd it "getting IP address..." And as a result - "no connection".

    If I manual config IP wicd shows "connected", but network don't work in realty.

    When I use ifconfig to rule wired connection, or just run "dhcpcd eth0" - all works fine.

    Any ideas?