Worst ideas in history:

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Worst ideas in history:

Alan Grimes
Top 3 bad ideas of all time:

1. Hitler picking a fight with Stalin.
2. Messing with /usr/lib, /usr/lib32, and /usr/lib64 which had not
caused me a single issue since the scheme was introduced. (17.0 is
broken under ~amd64)
3. Putting 320 people on a baloon filled with Hydrogen and sending it to
New Jersey.

I'm rebuilding my system after an 80 day rest because my video card
threw a glitch on the other monitor, a group of pixels it does not update.




wtf is up with linux_headers 4.20; kernels after 4.18.x are radioactive
and will cause illness if death after prolonged exposure. =( I need
headers for 4.18 so it will probably work...  (Version 4.17 is the one
that held up for 80+ days, finally installing 4.18 now..)

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