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Brian O'Connor-3

I'm not sure how many people still belogn to this list or if anyone can help me, but I'm gonna try anyway.  I've recently installed Gentoo on to my xbox (a very frustrating process, but I've gotten mostly there).There is one last obstacle standing in my way: X is not working properly.  Instead of going into the 640x480 resolution that I desire for my tv, it will only give me 1152x768, which obviously is unusable on my tv.

This is the same problem encountered here: http://legacy.not404.com/node/41

In order to get the x to even work, I had to use the patch on the bottom fo that page.

I fixed this once, for one night by following the Gentoox installer script (not verbatim, but the concepts) for xorg.  (I'd link it but Im at work and they blocked that site, but can be found by going to http://shallax.com:2000/b0x I believe).

To preface a few things: I want to use gentoo.  I don't want to use gentoox or xfedora or xebian.  This is a hobby of mine and would like to see it to the end.  I know it can work, and I intend to get it there.

After I got it working the first time, I installed some unrelated thigns (off the top of my head): bazaar, linux-headers, alsa, lirc, mednafen, maybe one or two more but all unrelated I believe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if you need more info just ask and I'll provide it.


Brian O'Connor