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arm uclib stages

Anthony G. Basile
Hi everyone,

I've been supporting 4 armv7a stages:

1) stage3-armv7a-uclibc-hardened-20170227.tar.bz2

2) stage3-armv7a-uclibc-vanilla-20170227.tar.bz2

3) stage3-armv7a_hardfp-uclibc-hardened-20170227.tar.bz2

4) stage3-armv7a_hardfp-uclibc-vanilla-20170227.tar.bz2

The stages marked -armv7a- are softfloat while those marked
-armv7a_hardfp- are hardfloat.  Also the stages marked -hardened- use
our hardened compiler while -vanilla- are the vanilla compiler.

I'm thinking of dropping the softfloat stages since I don't know of any
need for them.  This is a call to anyone that might want me to continue
supporting them, else I'm reducing the above list to just 3 and 4.

Any objections?

Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D.
Gentoo Linux Developer [Hardened]
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