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Donnie Berkholz-2
Here's an opportunity to do clustering at Fermi Lab with fully funded
grad school (nice in the current funding climate). If you're interested
and have clustering experience, get in touch with this guy.


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Subject: RE: Linux/Cluster/Grid Project Leader
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 22:51:15 -0600

Thanks Donnie, that would be great.

Do you need anything from me?

Darryl Coburn                  
630-573-5050 ext. 340 office  
708-767-6367 cell
Sr. Manager
Cemco Systems

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I can send it out to our clustering mailing list if you're interested.


On 16:23 Fri 06 Jun     , Darryl Coburn wrote:
> Don,
> Maybe you could help me on this. Just in case you know anyone with
> great Linux skills and Project Management who would enjoy a World
> Class Computing environment. While growing their technical career,
> Fermi Lab will fully fund an MS or PhD degree and sponsor their US Green
Card if needed.

> see below.........
> My name is Darryl Coburn, Senior Manager/Recruiter at Cemco Systems. I
> have recruited for various National Labs for the past 20 years.
> I have a Linux Team Leader role available at Fermi National
> Accelerator Laboratory. This is a permanent position working directly
> for the Lab. Must have managed large Linux systems (prefer 100's of
> nodes). Must have Technical Project Leadership/Management experience.
> Direct management experience is a plus. Cluster/Torque/Grid/Condor
experience is a big plus.

> This environment is a real "Technology CandyLand." Fermi will create
> or transfer H1 B visas, sponsor Green Card, and provide 100% Tuition
> Reimbursement through PhD. Fermi will even pay for your books!
> This 6000 acre Campus environment has bike/jogging trails, Gym, Pool,
> Fine Arts Series, herd of Buffalo, on site Daycare and fishing ponds.
> Competitive Salary and Great Benefits! Additional 10% of salary paid
> each year into 403b Retirement Plan.
> For more details, I can be reached through Friday at 630-573-5050.
> Please forward anyone with strong skills. Thanks in advance for any
> help on this..........
> Darryl Coburn                  
> 630-573-5050 ext. 340 office  
> 708-767-6367 cell
> Sr. Manager
> Cemco Systems
> www.cemcosystems.com <http://www.cemcosystems.com/>

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