-fstack-clash-protection vs -fstack-check

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-fstack-clash-protection vs -fstack-check

Adam Carter
The systemd priv-esc (CVE-2018-16864) got me reading gcc's man page on -fstack-clash-protection, since https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/10/systemd_bugs_qualys/ claims that systems with it enabled are not vulnerable. I already have -fstack-check, however, if I try to run both, gcc 8.2 complains;

cc1: warning: ‘-fstack-check=’ and ‘-fstack-clash_protection’ are mutually exclusive.  Disabling ‘-fstack-check=’

(there's a typo in gcc's message, the underscore should be a dash)

Is -fstack-clash-protection safer than -fstack-check? From the man page it sounds like that's the case, but i'm not sure i understand what i'm reading. My lay person understanding is;
stack-check verifies that memory is not accessed past what should be the end of the stack (based on the memory range allocated for the stack?).
stack-clash-protection accesses each location iteratively so that it can be checked for the guard page (end of stack marker) before going further.