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Anant Narayanan-4
Gentoo Monthly Newsletter
This is the fifth issue of the Gentoo Monthly Newsletter, for April 2008 –
May 2008.

1. Introduction

This month in the GMN

Welcome to the May issue of the Gentoo monthly newsletter!

As usual, you can discuss any aspect of this issue of the GMN in the
corresponding forum thread[1]. We look forward to hearing from you!

   1. http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-5104288.html

2. Gentoo News

Gentoo Foundation reinstated

Thanks to the efforts of the Gentoo Trustees[2], the Gentoo Foundation is
once again a nonprofit organization[3].

   2. http://www.gentoo.org/foundation/en/
   3. http://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-nfp/msg_d2632d76e6582187bb1816897bb81ffd.xml

  * The completed legal paperwork[4]

   4. http://www.nmprc.state.nm.us/cgi-bin/prcdtl.cgi?2463313+GENTOO+FOUNDATION+INC

Council Meeting Summary

The Gentoo Council[5] held its monthly meeting on May 8, 2008. The items put
up for discussion were:

   5. http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/council/

  * Active-developer document: We reviewed it and made some suggestions
    for improving both the document and the online developer list (adding
  * ChangeLog entries: Always required. If you aren't making them now,
    fix your script to call echangelog.
  * Ignored arch-team bugs: What's the workflow for undermanned arch
    teams? Can we improve it?
  * 8-digit versions: Ask package maintainers with extremely long PVs
    whether they were needed and test the impact of extending
    versionator.eclass. Make decision once this data is available.
  * Enforced retirement: After 2.5 hours on the previous topics, people
    had to go to sleep and jokey[6]'s computer broke. Instead of waiting till
    the next regular meeting, because of its urgency, we scheduled a special
    session next week at the same time. The appeals will *not* be decided
    then -- it's about figuring out the validity and the process.
  * New meeting process: 105 minutes were closed and 57 were open. It
    might save some time if we always moderated, but it won't cut it in half.
    Should we keep doing this, or modify it a little to have a moderated
    #gentoo-council and open backchannel?

   6. [hidden email]

Some items were rolled over from the previous meeting:

  * Document of being an active developer: araujo[7] made
    http://dev.gentoo.org/~araujo/gcert1.pdf in Scribus. He'd like to ask for
    approval of this design and discuss the script, in particular its
    infrastructure requirements.
  * Slacker arches: No updates

   7. [hidden email]

Coming Up

  * LinuxTag Berlin[8]: The biggest European Linux event is on again. On
    the Berlin Fairgrounds, Gentoo will be featured again. Join developers
    and users on the booth between May 28 and 31, we hope it'll be as much
    fun as Chemnitz was!
  * Bugday[9]: Looking for a way to help out Gentoo without investing a
    lot of time? Join us on June 07 for our monthly bugday, and help us
    squash some bugs[10].
  * Council Meeting[5]: The Gentoo Council meets every month to discuss
    important technical issues that affect Gentoo as a whole. This month's
    meeting is scheduled to be held on June 12, and everyone is welcome to
    participate - #gentoo-council on irc.freenode.net at 2000UTC.
  * Trustees Meeting: There will be a trustees meeting on June 22 -
    #gentoo-trustees on irc.freenode.net at 1900 UTC. The agenda will be
    posted in the channel's topic closer to the meeting time. All are welcome
    to attend.

   5. http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/council/
   8. http://www.linuxtag.org/2008/
   9. http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/bugday/index.xml
  10. http://bugday.gentoo.org/

3. Heard in the Community

Interview: Google Summer of Code Student Eric Thibodeau

GSOC has started, and GMN editor Anant Narayanan[11] has interviewed one of
Gentoo's students, Eric Thibodeau[12].

  11. [hidden email]
  12. [hidden email]

GMN: Give us a brief introduction of yourself. Where are you from? Where and
what do you study? What's your homepage or other means for fans to stalk you?

Eric: I am from Montréal, Québec (Canada) and have been studying at the École
de technologies supérieures (aka ETS) since 2000. I've completed a bachelor's
degree in Electrical Engineering (Information Technology profile) and was
offered to continue on with a masters in parallel processing and
Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm profiling which I am hoping/have to finish
this summer ;). I've given BASH labs and classes at that same University on
and off depending on my time availability (now why am I giving a lab this
summer is beyond me ;) ).

I use my personal wiki (http://wiki.neuralbs.com) mostly as a sandbox for
jotting down stuff I do with Gentoo. I am not a big fan of personal web pages
since they are outdated by definition and would require too much of my time.
The best way to reach me is usually by poking at me on Freenode where I lurk
around and pester the really smart people from

GMN: Were you already involved with Gentoo and/or open source in general
before acceptance into SoC? If yes, briefly tell us how you got involved and
why you like writing open source code.

Eric: I've been mostly involved with Gentoo as a sysadmin, user and a
preacher (of some sorts). Due to my studies, my involvement usually revolved
around creating ebuilds for packages that were missing from the tree (ie:
OpenMPI which I was really glad a real dev took over ;) ), reporting bugs and
sharing my experience/expertise surrounding parallel processing, NFS booted
Gentoo SSI (Single System Image) and High Performance Computing.

GMN: How has your experience with the Gentoo community been so far?

Eric: I can't really give an assessment of the Gentoo "community" since I've
been using Gentoo since 2002 and might be biased by my first impression which
was 1) excellent documentation, 2) The "raison d'être" of open-source and
Linux: software compiled and optimized specifically for your hardware and
finally 3) A very active community where anyone can easily contribute
(ebuilds are just text files).

GMN: Please tell our readers a little about the project you're working on,
and why you think it will be helpful to Gentoo users. What was your
inspiration for starting the project? What do you expect to achieve with it?

Eric: I'll be working on building a Gentoo LiveCD/DVD with a twist: it will
be used to create a Beowulf computation cluster "on the fly". I picked this
project up after seeing a request for such a CD on the gentoo-science mailing
list (it was actually "if there is someone crazy enough out there").

What prompted me to take on the project is the fact that I have rebuilt a
cluster a few years back by creating my own Gentoo SSI and cluster head node.
The process was long, frustrating, half-documented and mostly not completed
to my satisfaction due to lack of tool integration and poor reproducibility
of my setup. My primary goal is to make clustering under Gentoo more
accessible and faster to deploy rather than learning every bits and pieces
required to build such an infrastructure.

GMN: What do you do when you're not coding? (hobbies, interests, favorite
T.V. shows etc.)

Eric: Apart from coming up with excuses to stay in front of the computer to
"chat with this otherwise never accessible godlike dev" on IRC, I enjoy
taking care of my nine month old daughter, watching off-beat movies with my
girlfriend. Although it's been a while since I've had a chance to do so, I
usually help out in designing some eccentric clothing
(http://www.mekkreations.com) which tend to reuse computer parts (hard disks
are so cool!)

GMN: Thanks for your time, and wish you all the best for the Summer!

Porthole 0.6.0 nearing release

Porthole[13] is a gtk+ Portage tree browser and front-end. It strives to put
the most important and useful information there for you to learn about a
package before deciding to upgrade or install it. It also provides the most
commonly used emerge operations with just a click or two. One of Porthole's
greatest features is that information is much quicker to find, especially if
you do not know what you are looking for. Porthole can search for (partial or
complete) package names, as well as searching package descriptions.

  13. http://porthole.sourceforge.net/

Porthole allows you to easily select and set USE flags, keywords, select
specific versions to emerge or unmerge, and toggle any of the emerge options
off or on. There is also a "Run Custom Command" option to send nearly any
command to Porthole's terminal. The terminal has configurable message
filtering (since before Portage implemented elog capabilities) and has a
command queue that can be paused and restarted.

New in porthole-0.6.0 is a saved description database that Porthole creates
and automatically updates when it sees that the Portage tree has been
updated. This provides for very fast description searches even on older
slower hardware. The results are browseable with just a mouse click.

Another new feature in porthole-0.6.0 is the ability to add "Sets" support to
existing Portage versions without waiting for portage-2.2 or switching to
pkgcore or paludis. Sets let you easily create your own package groups such
as a custom Gnome set, a server set, etc.

Porthole is available in several languages, and its developers are looking
for volunteers to update the translations and add new languages. They would
also like additional arch testing. Follow its development on Bugzilla[14] and
this forum thread[15].

  14. http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=219968
  15. http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-550420.html

Project Sunrise: the Gentoo user overlay

We all know that the Portage tree is huge, but even with the size of Portage,
sometimes some package is missing: a plug-in for some specific mail client,
or a brand-new fork of a web server. In such cases, you'd usually file a bug
at bugs.gentoo.org[16], but there's some chance your ebuilds won't make it to
the tree from there, at least not for awhile.

  16. http://bugs.gentoo.org

The trouble is "[hidden email]" in the AssignedTo field, which
indicates that a Gentoo developer has yet to step up and maintain your
package. How about being your own maintainer of a package? Guess what: it's

Thanks to Project Sunrise[17], you can make your own ebuild and add it to a
package overlay maintained by users. After a review of your ebuild by Gentoo
developers (which usually takes at most two days), everyone will be able to
easily install your ebuild, as transparently as if it was in the Portage

  17. http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sunrise

Interested? Check out http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sunrise or stop by on
IRC at #gentoo-sunrise[18] on irc.freenode.net. Happy ebuild crafting!

  18. irc://irc.freenode.net/gentoo-sunrise

Interview with Donnie Berkholz

Gentoo developer Donnie Berkholz[19] talked to David Abbott of
LinuxCrazy[20]. Download the podcast[21]. A transcript is available on the
Gentoo Forums[22].

  19. [hidden email]
  20. http://linuxcrazy.com/
  21. http://linuxcrazy.com/?q=node/33
  22. http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?p=5099210#5099210

He described how he became a developer and his work on X, the council, and
the public relations team and the Summer of Code project he's mentoring for.
Donnie also recommended the best video cards to buy if you want to support
open source. He saw the Linux desktop's future as increasing integration and
security. Here's how Donnie described how Gentoo makes progress and where to
go from here:

"The more time I spend in Gentoo, the more I realize that it's the individual
developers who really drive most of our innovations. They don't happen
because the council makes a decision. They happen because the developer, or a
few of them, think that it sounds like a cool idea, and make it happen."

"Making Gentoo great is my biggest goal right now, and greatness is a
process. It's not a place. So you can't get somewhere and say you're great.
You always have to keep striving for it. For a while we've been content to
stick with the status quo instead of striving for greatness, but we have to
change that and to always improve Gentoo."

Planet Gentoo

Decibel Audio Player: Joshua Saddler[23] has been working[24] to bring
Decibel[25], a clean, userfriendly gtk+ audio player, to Gentoo. It's finally
been added to the tree[26], so try it out[27].

  23. [hidden email]
  24. http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/nightmorph/2008/04/26/new_ebuild_decibel_audio_player
  25. http://decibel.silent-blade.org
  26. http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/nightmorph/2008/05/16/decibel_hits_the_tree
  27. http://dev.gentoo.org/~nightmorph/decibel/

Microcode: Ryan Hill[28] informs how one can load microcode updates[29] for
Intel-based processors.

  28. [hidden email]
  29. http://psykil.livejournal.com/324031.html

Python: As Python is the base for our main package manager, Ali Polatel[30]
tells us about the current state[31] of Python.

  30. [hidden email]
  31. http://hawking.nonlogic.org/archives/2008/04/19/latest_news_from_gentoopython/

Portage: Portage developer Zac Medico[32] describes some new features of
Portage and documents the behavior of Portage in detail: dependency
resolution[33] and automatic unmerge[34] on blocking packages[35].

  32. [hidden email]
  33. http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/zmedico/2008/04/22/portage_dependency_resolution_decision_m
  34. http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/zmedico/2008/05/06/blocker_conflict_automatic_uninstall
  35. http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/zmedico/2008/05/09/blocking_package_file_collisions

No Gentoo on virtual server? No problem!: Gunnar Wrobel[36] has a guide on
how to install Gentoo on rented virtual servers[37].

  36. [hidden email]
  37. http://log.onthebrink.de/2008/04/gentoo-on-1-vserver.html

System tool: Luis Francisco Araujo[7] announces the 0.20 version of his tool
Himerge[38], a graphical frontend to Portage.

   7. [hidden email]
  38. http://araujoluis.blogspot.com/2008/05/himerge-020-release.html

Replacing grep: Although it sounds weird, Tobias Klausmann[39] describes why
there is a nice alternative[40] to grep[41].

  39. [hidden email]
  40. http://blog.i-no.de//archives/2008/05/06/index.html#e2008-05-06T16_44_51.txt
  41. http://blog.i-no.de//archives/2008/05/07/index.html#e2008-05-07T21_31_43.txt

LZMA vs. bzip2: As more and more GNU tarballs are available as LZMA
compressed files, Tobias Klausmann[39] does a quick comparison[42] of the
standard compression tools.

  39. [hidden email]
  42. http://blog.i-no.de//archives/2008/05/08/index.html#e2008-05-08T16_35_13.txt

Organising meetings on IRC: Donnie Berkholz[19] has some experience in
organising IRC meetings as member of the Gentoo council. His experience[43]
is worth sharing.

  19. [hidden email]
  43. http://dberkholz.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/how-to-run-an-effective-meeting-on-irc/

RDEPEND vs. DEPEND: Diego Pettenò[44] has written down a summary[45] of the
differences between RDEPEND and DEPEND and why you should respect them.

  44. [hidden email]
  45. http://blog.flameeyes.eu/articles/2008/05/15/when-you-should-use-rdepend-and-when-you-should-use-depend

Gentoo in the News

Gentoo received a favorable review[46] from Jones Productions, even beating
Ubuntu 8.04. The author also praised the extensive documentation.

  46. http://jonesproductionsltd.com/opinion/gentoo.aspx

The thing I love most about Gentoo is it gives the user the power to do
anything they want, and its just awesome to be able to use a Distro that you
built yourself.

4. Tips and Tricks

Command-line network monitoring

Have you ever wanted facilities like top, but for your computer's network?
This tip shows you what options you have in command-line network monitors.

The first is IPTraf[47]:

  47. http://iptraf.seul.org/

| Code Listing 4.1                                                           |
| Installing IPTraf                                                          |
| # emerge iptraf                                                            |

Using it is easy:

| Code Listing 4.2                                                           |
| Using IPTraf                                                               |
| $ iptraf                                                                   |

It is a highly advanced ncurses interface. You can choose view your network
status from many angles: IP traffic by port and IP address, general interface
statistics such as number of packets passing through, speed and volume of
packets passing through, and much more.

Another network monitor is vnstat. This program is useful for historical
statistics. It keeps a database for your interfaces.

| Code Listing 4.3                                                           |
| Installing vnstat                                                          |
| # emerge vnstat                                                            |

It will need an hour to gather enough statistics. vnstat is installed with a
cron script (/etc/cron.hourly/vnstat) that updates vnstat's database every
hour. Once you have enough data in the database you can get hourly, daily,
and monthly data from vnstat. For example, to see hourly statistics:

| Code Listing 4.4                                                           |
| Viewing hourly statistics                                                  |
| $ vnstat -h                                                                |

A third program is iftop. iftop does for networking what top does for CPU
usage. It shows you which connections have the most traffic going in and out.
Install iftop:

| Code Listing 4.5                                                           |
| Installing iftop                                                           |
| # emerge iftop                                                             |

Then run and use it just like top:

| Code Listing 4.6                                                           |
| Running iftop                                                              |
| $ iftop                                                                    |

You can press ? to view options that you can use.

5. Gentoo developer moves


Gentoo is made up of 261 active developers, of which 43 are currently away.
Gentoo has recruited a total of 642 developers since its inception.


The following developers recently left the Gentoo project:

  * Stephen Bennet (spb)
  * Richard Brown (rbrown)
  * Wulf C. Krueger (philantrop)


The following developers recently joined the Gentoo project:

  * Jeremy Olexa (darkside) joined the Gentoo Prefix team
  * Michael Hammer (mueli) joined the Kerberos team
  * Markus Duft (mduft) joined the Gentoo Prefix team
  * Chris Henhawk (bunder) joined the Forums staff
  * Andrey Grozin (grozin) joined the Science team
  * Serkan Kaba (serkan) joined the Java team
  * Panagiotis Christopoulos (pchrist) joined the Lisp and Scheme teams


The following developers recently changed roles within the Gentoo project:

  * Yuri Vasilevski (yvasilev) joined the deb-tools herd
  * Joshua Saddler (nightmorph) joined the GMN team
  * Tobias Scherbaum (dertobi123) joined the bind herd
  * Peter Volkov (pva) joined the app-dicts and sysadmin herds
  * Tiziano Müller (dev-zero) joined the sysadmin herd

6. Portage


This section summarizes the current state of the Portage tree.

General Statistics
Architectures      15
Categories         151
Packages           12692
ebuilds            25074

Keyword Distribution
Architecture         StableTestingTotal% Packages
alpha                3641442408332.17%
amd64                702839721100086.67%
arm                  159391168413.27%
hppa                 2674512318625.10%
ia64                 3218565378329.81%
m68k                 493165094.01%
mips                 1066719178514.06%
ppc                  63262873919972.48%
ppc64                3453628408132.15%
s390                 12034512489.83%
sh                   141548146311.53%
sparc                48061300610648.11%
sparc-fbsd           03173172.50%
x86                  934131641250598.53%
x86-fbsd             02615261520.60%

Figure 6.1: Package distribution by keyword

The following section lists packages that have either been moved or added to
the tree. The package removals come from many locations, including the
Treecleaners[48] and various developers.

  48. http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/qa/treecleaners/


Package:               Removal date: Contact:
net-firewall/conntrack 21 Apr 2008   Jeroen Roovers[49]
sci-electronics/lard   21 Apr 2008   Denis Dupeyron[50]
sci-libs/libgdgeda     21 Apr 2008   Denis Dupeyron[50]
sys-fs/fuse-python     21 Apr 2008   Markus Ullmann[6]

   6. [hidden email]
  49. [hidden email]
  50. [hidden email]

Package:                Removal date: Contact:
app-admin/dirvish       28 Apr 2008   Lance Albertson[51]
sys-libs/hardened-glibc 29 Apr 2008   Alexander Gabert[52]
sys-devel/hardened-gcc  29 Apr 2008   Alexander Gabert[52]
dev-util/fenris         30 Apr 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
dev-libs/log4c          02 May 2008   Daniel Black[54]

  51. [hidden email]
  52. [hidden email]
  53. [hidden email]
  54. [hidden email]

Package:                   Removal date: Contact:
java-virtuals/sun-jdk      05 May 2008   Petteri Räty[55]
x11-misc/grpn              10 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
xfce-extra/squeeze         10 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
x11-drivers/xf86-video-amd 10 May 2008   Mart Raudsepp[56]
x11-misc/perlpanel         11 May 2008   Torsten Veller[57]
app-admin/skey             11 May 2008   Ulrich Müller[58]
app-admin/otpcalc          11 May 2008   Ulrich Müller[58]
xfce-extra/xarchiver       11 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
gnome-extra/zim            11 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
xfce-extra/xfmedia         11 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
x11-libs/motif-config      11 May 2008   Ulrich Müller[58]

  53. [hidden email]
  55. [hidden email]
  56. [hidden email]
  57. [hidden email]
  58. [hidden email]

Package:                             Removal date: Contact:
profiles/selinux/alpha               13 May 2008   Chris PeBenito[59]
profiles/selinux/sparc               13 May 2008   Chris PeBenito[59]
media-video/freej                    13 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-doc/kchmviewer                   13 May 2008   Peter Volkov[60]
app-doc/chmlib                       13 May 2008   Peter Volkov[60]
net-proxy/junkbuster                 14 May 2008   Alin Năstac[61]
net-dialup/gprs-easy-connect         14 May 2008   Alin Năstac[61]
net-misc/lsh                         14 May 2008   Diego Pettenò[44]
net-misc/zsync                       15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-emulation/basiliskII             15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-shells/ash                       15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
dev-libs/libvc                       15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-misc/rolo                        15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
mail-client/mutt-vc-query            15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
net-wireless/rt2x00                  15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
www-servers/yaws                     15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-emulation/x86-chroot             15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
net-ftp/nvemftp                      15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
mail-filter/dovecot-dspam            15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-mobilephone/bemused              15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
media-plugins/audacious-plugins-ugly 15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
sys-fs/python-fuse                   15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
dev-libs/swl                         15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-admin/hpasm                      15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-admin/modlogan                   15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
sys-fs/amiga-fdisk                   15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
dev-libs/libol                       15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
media-video/konverter                15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
kde-base/qtsharp                     15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
kde-base/xparts                      15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-cdr/konqburn                     15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-i18n/scim-cvs                    15 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
app-laptop/omnibook-svn              15 May 2008   Krzysiek Pawlik[62]
media-fonts/artwiz-fonts             16 May 2008   Ryan Hill[28]
dev-db/monetdb                       17 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
x11-plugins/desklet-hypertail        17 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]
media-plugins/digikamimageplugins    17 May 2008   Carsten Lohrke[63]
profiles/gxs                         17 May 2008   Mark Loeser[64]
sys-libs/gxslibc                     17 May 2008   Mark Loeser[64]
media-video/dxr3player               18 May 2008   Samuli Suominen[53]

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Package:                            Addition date: Contact:
dev-python/fuse-python[65]          21 Apr 2008    Markus Ullmann[6]
media-plugins/vdr-suspendoutput[66] 22 Apr 2008    Matthias Schwarzott[67]
app-emacs/scheme-complete[68]       22 Apr 2008    Ulrich Müller[58]
dev-python/vobject[69]              22 Apr 2008    Tiziano Müller[70]
dev-cpp/libmcpp[71]                 23 Apr 2008    Caleb Tennis[72]
dev-ruby/imagesize[73]              23 Apr 2008    Hans de Graaff[74]
app-xemacs/sun[75]                  23 Apr 2008    Hans de Graaff[74]
app-xemacs/xemacs-packages-all[76]  23 Apr 2008    Hans de Graaff[74]
media-gfx/pngcheck[77]              23 Apr 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
sys-block/megarc[78]                23 Apr 2008    Wolfram Schlich[79]
sys-block/megamgr[80]               24 Apr 2008    Wolfram Schlich[79]
net-libs/gupnp-av[81]               24 Apr 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
dev-perl/Readonly[82]               24 Apr 2008    Yuval Yaari[83]
games-emulation/sdlmame[84]         24 Apr 2008    Christian Birchinger[85]
gnome-extra/tasks[86]               24 Apr 2008    Gilles Dartiguelongue[87]
net-analyzer/portbunny[88]          25 Apr 2008    Wolfram Schlich[79]
www-apache/passenger[89]            25 Apr 2008    Benedikt Boehm[90]
app-arch/libpar2[91]                25 Apr 2008    Ben de Groot[92]
media-sound/playspc[93]             27 Apr 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
sys-libs/hardened-glibc[94]         27 Apr 2008    Alexander Gabert[52]

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Package:                       Addition date: Contact:
java-virtuals/jaf[95]          28 Apr 2008    Petteri Räty[55]
java-virtuals/jmx[96]          28 Apr 2008    Petteri Räty[55]
dev-python/shm[97]             28 Apr 2008    Luca Longinotti[98]
x11-plugins/wmfrog[99]         28 Apr 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
app-backup/dirvish[100]        28 Apr 2008    Lance Albertson[51]
sys-devel/hardened-gcc[101]    29 Apr 2008    Alexander Gabert[52]
dev-perl/File-chmod[102]       29 Apr 2008    Torsten Veller[57]
dev-perl/Test-Script[103]      29 Apr 2008    Torsten Veller[57]
net-libs/serf[104]             30 Apr 2008    Benedikt Boehm[90]
dev-libs/libbrahe[105]         01 May 2008    Tiziano Müller[70]
dev-python/decorator[106]      02 May 2008    Rob Cakebread[107]
app-i18n/scim-wijesekera[108]  02 May 2008    Matsuu Takuto[109]
dev-scheme/sigscheme[110]      02 May 2008    Marijn Schouten[111]
java-virtuals/saaj-api[112]    03 May 2008    Petteri Räty[55]
sci-visualization/extrema[113] 03 May 2008    Andrey Grozin[114]
x11-wm/stumpwm[115]            04 May 2008    Josh Glover[116]
java-virtuals/sun-jdk[117]     04 May 2008    Petteri Räty[55]

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Package:                            Addition date: Contact:
java-virtuals/jdk-with-com-sun[118] 05 May 2008    Petteri Räty[55]
sys-apps/microcode-data[119]        05 May 2008    Mike Frysinger[120]
dev-python/ssl-py26[121]            05 May 2008    Luca Longinotti[98]
media-fonts/fgdc-emergency[122]     08 May 2008    Ryan Hill[28]
media-sound/lingot[123]             08 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
games-action/openastromenace[124]   08 May 2008    Tristan Heaven[125]
x11-drivers/xf86-video-geode[126]   09 May 2008    Mart Raudsepp[56]
sci-calculators/grpn[127]           10 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
app-arch/squeeze[128]               10 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
sys-apps/moreutils[129]             10 May 2008    Greg Kroah-Hartman[130]
x11-libs/tslib[131]                 11 May 2008    Ned Ludd[132]
sys-auth/skey[133]                  11 May 2008    Ulrich Müller[58]
sys-auth/otpcalc[134]               11 May 2008    Ulrich Müller[58]
app-arch/xarchiver[135]             11 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
x11-misc/zim[136]                   11 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
media-video/xfmedia[137]            11 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]

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Package:                                   Addition date: Contact:
app-text/calibre[138]                      12 May 2008    Diego Pettenò[44]
dev-libs/chmlib[139]                       13 May 2008    Peter Volkov[60]
app-text/kchmviewer[140]                   13 May 2008    Peter Volkov[60]
app-crypt/kstart[141]                      13 May 2008    Michael Hammer[142]
dev-util/confix-wrapper[143]               13 May 2008    Michael Haubenwallner[144]
dev-util/confix[145]                       13 May 2008    Michael Haubenwallner[144]
media-libs/libmp3splt[146]                 13 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
media-sound/mp3splt-gtk[147]               13 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
app-dicts/sword-alb[148]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-aleppo[150]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-byz[151]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-cro[152]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-dutsvv[153]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-est[154]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-farsiopv[155]              13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-finbiblia[156]             13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-finpr[157]                 13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-frecrl[158]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-hebmodern[159]             13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-hunkar[160]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-hunuj[161]                 13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-icelandic[162]             13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-itadio[163]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-kekchi[164]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-korean[165]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-latvian[166]               13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-manxgaelic[167]            13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-maori[168]                 13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-norsk[169]                 13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-romcor[170]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-rst[171]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-rusmakarij[172]            13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-scotsgaelic[173]           13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-sparvg2004[174]            13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-spasev[175]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-spavnt[176]                13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tisch[177]                 13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tr[178]                    13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-vulgate[179]               13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-vulgate_hebps[180]         13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-whnu[181]                  13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-wlc[182]                   13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-wulfila[183]               13 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
dev-python/python-mpd[184]                 13 May 2008    Christoph Mende[185]
x11-themes/gtk-engines-aurora[186]         14 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
x11-themes/gtk-engines-candido[187]        14 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
app-emulation/virt-viewer[188]             15 May 2008    Donnie Berkholz[19]
dev-perl/File-Next[189]                    15 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
net-im/pyotr[190]                          16 May 2008    Hanno Boeck[191]
media-sound/decibel-audio-player[192]      16 May 2008    Alexis Ballier[193]
media-sound/jack-keyboard[194]             16 May 2008    Alexis Ballier[193]
dev-perl/GStreamer-Interfaces[195]         16 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
media-sound/gmusicbrowser[196]             16 May 2008    Samuli Suominen[53]
app-arch/debhelper[197]                    16 May 2008    Yuri Vasilevski[198]
app-crypt/openssl-blacklist[199]           17 May 2008    Hanno Boeck[191]
app-dicts/sword-abbott[200]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-abs_essay_goodsam_swb[201] 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-amtract[202]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-barnes[203]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-br_en[204]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-cbc[205]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-clarke[206]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-daily[207]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-diaglott[208]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-dtn[209]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-dutkant[210]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-easton[211]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-finney[212]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-heretics[213]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-hitchcock[214]             17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-institutes[215]            17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-isbe[216]                  17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-jfb[217]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-josephus[218]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-jps[219]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-jst[220]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-kjvd[221]                  17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-klv[222]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-klven_iklingon[223]        17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-klviklingon_en[224]        17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-la_en[225]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-lightfoot[226]             17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-luther[227]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-mak[228]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-mhc[229]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-mhcc[230]                  17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-nave[231]                  17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-orthodoxy[232]             17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-packard[233]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-personal[234]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-peshitta[235]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-pilgrim[236]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-pnt[237]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-practice[238]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-robinson[239]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-rotherham[240]             17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-saoa[241]                  17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-scofield[242]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-sme[243]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-smith[244]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-spurious[245]              17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-swahili[246]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tagalog[247]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tcr[248]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tdavid[249]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tfg[250]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-torrey[251]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-tsk[252]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-ukrainian[253]             17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-webster[254]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-wesley[255]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-xhosa[256]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-common[257]                17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-greekhebrew[258]           17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-hebrewgreek[259]           17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-rwp[260]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-uma[261]                   17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-chincvs[262]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-chincvt[263]               17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
app-dicts/sword-chiun[264]                 17 May 2008    Steve Dibb[149]
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7. Bugzilla


The Gentoo community uses Bugzilla (bugs.gentoo.org[16]) to record and track
bugs, notifications, suggestions and other interactions with the development
team. The following chart summarizes activity on Bugzilla between 20 April
2008 and 20 May 2008.

  16. http://bugs.gentoo.org

Figure 7.1: Bug activity split-up

Of the 11141 currently open bugs: 16 are labeled blocker, 103 are labeled
critical, and 374 are labeled major.

Closed bug ranking

The developers and teams who have closed the most bugs during this period are
as follows.

Rank Developer/Team                         Bug Count
0    Others                                 1181
1    Gentoo's Team for Core System packages 61
2    Gentoo Security                        47
3    Gentoo Games                           46
4    Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team        45
5    Perl Devs @ Gentoo                     43
6    Java team                              42
7    Gentoo KDE team                        41
8    Gentoo Sound Team                      38
9    Python Gentoo Team                     38

Figure 7.1: Bug closed rankings

Assigned bug ranking

The developers and teams who have been assigned the most bugs during this
period are as follows.

Rank Developer/Team                         Bug Count
0    Others                                 817
1    Default Assignee for New Packages      88
2    Gentoo's Team for Core System packages 77
3    Java team                              45
4    Default Assignee for Orphaned Packages 42
5    Gentoo Security                        37
6    Gentoo Linux Gnome Desktop Team        32
7    Gentoo KDE team                        27
8    Gentoo Release Team                    26
9    Gentoo Games                           26

Figure 7.1: Bugs assigned rankings

8. Getting Involved

The GMN relies on volunteers and members of the community for content every
month. If you are interested in writing for the GMN, do write in to
[hidden email] with your articles in plaintext or GuideXML format.

Note: The deadline for articles to be published in the next issue is June 17,

We solicit feedback from all our readers on the newsletter. If you have any
ideas for articles, sections, or have anything to say about the GMN, don't
hesitate to email us at [hidden email].

You can also give us your feedback and comment on this particular issue of
the GMN on the forum thread[275].

 275. http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-5071942.html

9. GMN subscription information

To subscribe to the Gentoo Monthly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email].

To unsubscribe to the Gentoo Monthly Newsletter, send a blank e-mail to
[hidden email] from the e-mail address you are subscribed

10. Other languages

The Gentoo Monthly Newsletter is available in the following languages:

  * English[276]
  * German[277]
  * Italian[278]
  * Polish[279]
  * Spanish[280]
  * Simplified Chinese[281]

 276. http://www.gentoo.org/news/en/gmn/index.xml
 277. http://www.gentoo.org/news/de/gmn/index.xml
 278. http://www.gentoo.org/news/it/gmn/index.xml
 279. http://www.gentoo.org/news/pl/gmn/index.xml
 280. http://www.gentoo.org/news/es/gmn/index.xml
 281. http://www.gentoo.org/news/zh_cn/gmn/index.xml

Anant Narayanan <[hidden email]> - Editor
Joshua Saddler <[hidden email]> - Editor
Andrey Falko <[hidden email]> - Author
Brian Dolbec <[hidden email]> - Author
Paweł Hajdan, Jr <[hidden email]> - Author
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