[gentoo-user]Specific umask for a specific ext3 filesystem

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[gentoo-user]Specific umask for a specific ext3 filesystem

Mrugesh Karnik

I have couple of ext3 partitions for my data. I need to mount them in
such a way that all the files created on those partitions would always
bear a umask which is different from the umask globally set in
/etc/profile. How do I achieve this?

I tried mounting the partition with umask=whatever option, but
apparently, according to man mount, umask option isn't available for ext3.

Temporarily, I've put a little code into /etc/conf.d/local.start that
checks if the the partitions are mounted and if they are, chmod's them.
This, I don't think will be a good idea, once data starts filling up the

Help would be really appreciated.

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