hardened/selinux always fboots as disabled

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hardened/selinux always fboots as disabled

Hi folks,

I have a couple of AMDs AM1 similar Kabinis (well 3).

I decided to shitch on all of them from hardened to hardeened/selinux
profile  ( with systemd already onboard).

After the conversion, I managed to persuade two of them to boot and work
normally within strict-enforcing mode.

Third one always boot in "disabled" mode.
Just as if the selinux was never compiled-in kernel.
it is never mentiioned in kernel log buffer on boot ( except when
echoing grub command line parameters).

Nothing else. No info , no error regarding selinux, notthing.

And "cat /proc/filesystems" doesn't list selinuxfs.

Just as if it was never compiled in kernel.

All three machines use same gentoo profile, same glibc, gcc, kernel
version, very similar kernel .config file etc.