how to access pdc menu?

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how to access pdc menu?

I have a strange problem not directly connected with hppa-linux, but I belive someone will help me.
So there is my problem.
I have Class 9000 machine (K360) and I've switched off some tests to speed-up the booting process and now when booting I get a message:
WARRNING: System integrity is at a risk: Selftests heve been disabled.
Enabling selftests with SER SEL ON will prevent this warning.

OK, but I cannot access the PDC menu, because I don't get any more a message saying:
"press any button within 10 seconds to access menu ..." or semething like that.

Right now, my K360 boots fine, but doesn't allow me to access boot menu (PDC).
Could someone help me and tell how to access the boot menu?

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