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nsplugin on dev-java/gnu-classpath masked

Petteri Räty-2
19:51 < gnu_andrew> Betelgeuse, oh yeah I agree with that, to be honest
I'd just take the plugin out altogether
19:51 <@Betelgeuse> gnu_andrew: You mean committing with nsplugin
19:52 <@Betelgeuse> gnu_andrew: If it's not that maintained upstream any
more thatn feels prudent
19:52 < gnu_andrew> I was thinking of changing $(use_enable nsplugin
plugin) to --disable-plugin but which ever is best
19:52 < gnu_andrew> I asked about removing it from GNU Classpath itself
before the release, but no-one seemed happy to do that :(

For an open souce Java plugin please see icedtea6-bin in main tree or
icedtea6 package in java overlay.


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