ppc install / bootloader problem.

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ppc install / bootloader problem.

John Crittall

Dear list,
Would like to enlist some assistance with an install on an IBM 9112-265 Intellistation.
Have followed the liveCD install without many problems.
Have gotten to the yaboot configuration and attempted to configure and have dd'd the kernel file rev 32r7 to the sda1 1meg partition.
Upon reboot the system fails to find the kernel file and boot.

When I have rebooted on the liveCD again and recieved the prompt to work with i have attempted to try and mount the sda3 root partition from the original install. I presume because there is only the LiveCD /etc/fstab with tempfs entries in it  i cannot mount my real root partition and the system knows nothing of the original parttitioned disk from the install.

Could someone direct me on what action to take to mount the original partitions such that i can edit the yaboot config file and achieve a successful boot from scsi disk.
can someone please instruct on how to set up yaboot config correctly such that i can reinstall the lot and get the bootloader correct.

Thanks in advance.