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pre-2007.0 Test CD

Tobias Scherbaum
Hi *,

a new (and probably the last) pre-2007.0 test-cd is up and waiting for
you to test it on your boxes. Grab it here:

Most notable change is the move back to a "normal" loop-filesystem
instead of SquashFS which has been used for the past 2 or 3 releases.
The SquashFS kernel-patch is b0rked for hppa and won't build (#153457),
sadly this makes the CD quite large (now 130MB, 2006.1 was about 70MB).
The CD is equipped with the latest available hppa-sources (which is

The CD is already tested and verified to work properly on my C3700, i'll
do some additional testing on B2000/B2600 machines and a 735/99 - but
also would like to get feedback from you, which needs to be sent in


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Re: pre-2007.0 Test CD

Peter Gantner (nephros)
Hello Tobias,

that's good to hear/see.

I'll try to do some tests with this on my C180 and will report back till
the end of the week. Would that be ASAP enough?

That machine lacks a CDROM, I assume I can boot the image over the net?

Also, any areas you are especially interested in?


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